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Q: What is the answer to pizzazz pg 95 of punchline bridge to algebra?
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What is the punchline Bridge to Algebra page 95?

The hiker who realized that he needed glasses one day when he tried to kill a stick with a snake. Please note: The stick and snake ARE in the right spots.

What is the answer to algebra with pizzazz page 95?

Old lawyers never die, they just LOSE THEIR APPEAL. Old skiers never die, they just GO DOWNHILL.

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To solve this, you have to start with the whole of 80, and then take away 95% of 80, or (.95 x 80). 80 - (.95) x 80 = 4 Alternatively, you could do a bit of quick mental algebra to speed it up: 80 - (.95)(80) = 1 x 80 - .95 x 80 = 80(1 - .95) = 80(.05) = 4 Since you take away 95%, you're left with 5%.

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