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8 divided by 8 times 7 = 7

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Q: What is the answer to the Cube root of 512 divided by the square root of 64 times the cube root of 343?
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What is the analogy square plane cube?


Square is to cube as circle is to?

Square is to cube as circle is to.......sphere

What is the formula of a plus b whole cube?

(a+b)cube = a cube + b cube + 3a square b + 3ab square

The cube has 6 faces and each face is .?

Each face of a cube is a square.Each face of a cube is a square.Each face of a cube is a square.Each face of a cube is a square.

Program to find square and cube of a number?

square and cube caculator

What is the opposite of a cube?

a square because a square is in a cube!!!

Area is to square as what is to cube?

volume is to a cube volume is to a cube

What is the difference between a rectangle cube and a square cube?

Well a square cube is the same length on all sides unlike a rectangle cube.

What is the cube of 1?

It doesn't have a cube, or a square...multiplying one by itself a thousand times will return a result of 1.

If you trace this shape six times you make a cube what shape is it?

Square? a cube has 6 sides each are squares.

Is square and cube is the same?

no. the square is 2d and the cube is 3d

What is a number which is a square and a cube?

Square=2 Cube=3

How do you work out the square root of 16 and then cube it?

square it and cube it

Twice divided by the cube of the sum of x and 2?

Twice divided by the cube of the sum of x and 2 is equal to 2 times the reciprocal of ((x + 2) cubed)).

What shape is a cube is that right?

A cube is "cube" shaped like a square box.

Ball is to Circle as Box is to?


One of a cube has area of 7 square inches what is the surface area of the cube?

Six times the area of one face...

Why is cube not a prism?

A cube is a prism. A cube is another term for a square prism, that makes cube a prism. Others call it special because a cube has 6 square and sometimes equal sides/faces.

Why are perfect square and cube perfect?

Because they are square/cube of an integer.

How many square faces does a cube have?

A cube has 6 square faces.

How many face square a cube has?

A cube has six square faces.

What whole number is between 40000 and 50000 and has a perfect square and cube root?

46656 is the square of 216 and the cube of 36 2^6 x 3^6 is the square of a cube and the cube of a square.

What figure has more edges a square pyramid or a cube?

A cube has 12 edges, a square pyramid has 8. So a cube.

How are a square and cube different?

a square is 2-d and a cube is 3-d EDIT BY A BETTER ANSWER ( a square has area but a cube has volume)

What solid has 3 pairs of congruent rectangles?

a cube. a square is also classified as a rectangle and a cube is made up of six squares.