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Q: What is the answer to the square root of 4x2 times the square root of 36x?
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Related questions

Factor 4x2 plus 81 -36x?

4x2-36x+81 (2x-9)(2x-9)

What value of c makes 4x2-36x plus c a perfect square trinomial?


What is the square root of -4x2?

In real numbers there is no square root of -4x2 However, when using complex numbers where √-1 = i, then: √-4x2 = 2xi If you were asking, for example, with regard to the difference of two squares, eg y2 - 4x2, then you are actually finding the square root of 4x2 which is 2x, giving: y2 - 4x2 = (y + 2x)(y - 2x)

Factor 4x2 plus 81-36x?

4x2 - 36x + 81 = 4x2 - 18x - 18x +81 = 2x(2x - 9) - 9(2x - 9) = (2x - 9)2

How do you factor the equation y equals 4x2 - 36x plus 81?

The expression is likely 4x2 - 36x +81 which is the same as (2x - 9)(2x - 9) or (2x - 9)2

How do you factor the following polynomial 4x2 plus 81-36x?

(2x - 9)(2x - 9)

What is the answer when you isolate x in 4x2-6 equals 2x2?

x = square root of 3.

Does the rational expression contains square root sign?

Only if the term under the radical (square root sign) can be simplified to a rational expression. For example, √(4x2).

Square root 24x4 divided by square root 3x?

Sqrt(24x4)/Sqrt(3x) = Sqrt(24x4/3x) = Sqrt(8x3) = Sqrt(4x2*2x) = 2x*sqrt(2x)

What are the x solutions for 10x2-64 equals 36x plus 6x2?

10x2 - 64 = 36x + 6x2Subtract 6x2 from both sides:4x2 - 64 = 36xSubtract 36x from both sides:4x2 - 36x - 64 = 0Divide everything by 4:x2 - 9x - 16 = 0Use the quadratic formula:x = (9±√(92-4(-16)))/(2)x = (9-√(145))/2 or x = (9+√(145))/2

How do you divide a square into eighths?

Very easy. Draw a square, draw a line through it then from above the line 4 times (draw it inside the square, not on the edges of the square) then you are done. it should be a 4x2 grid. 4x2 means 2 rows and 4 squares on each row.

The polynomial 4x2 plus 5x plus 4 has how many roots?

None, it involves the square root of a negative number so the roots are imaginary.

Can you solve If you subtract a number from four times its square the result is three?

So the problem is: Solve: 4x2 - x = 3

What is the perfect square trinomial for 4x2-42x plus 110?

4x2-42x+110 = (2x-10)(2x-11) when factored

What is the area of the square with a side length of 2x?

The area is 4x2 square units

What is the length of one side of this square 4x2 - 4xy plus y2?

4x2 - 4xy + y2 = (2x - y)2 so the length of the side of the square must be 2x-y.

What is 3x4 times 4x2?


What is x2 times -4?


What fraction has a reciprocal that is 4 times its value?

The fraction is 1/2. (or more generally, +/- one half) Where a ratio is given between the reciprocal and the fraction, the reciprocal (and denominator of the fraction) is the square root of the ratio. 1/x = 4x 1 = 4x2 4x2 = 1 x2 = 1/4 x = 1/2 (or -1/2)

What is 2x times -2x?


Which choiceshows 4x square -30 equals 34?

4x2-30 = 34 4x2 = 34+30 4x2 = 64 x2 = 16 x = 4

What is the factor of four times x squared plus 81 minus 36 times x?

Using the quadratic equation formula to find the answer: If: (2x -9)(2x-9) = 0 Then: x = 9/2 and also x = 9/2 (they both have equal roots) Check that your answer is correct by multiplying out the brackets which should bring you back to 4x2-36x+81.

Solution set for 4x2-6 equals 2x2?

Reading this as: 4x2-6=2x2 This implies that: -6=-2x2 3=x2 x=sqrt(3) and x=-sqrt(3) So x can equal plus or minus the square root of 3

What are the x solutions for 4xยฒ-30 equals 34?

4x2 - 30 = 34 Add 30 to both sides 4x2 = 64 Divide both sides by 4 x2 = 16 Take the square root of both sides: x = 4 or -4

how doses 4x2= 08?

Because 4x2 is just another way of saying 4 plus four, as when you times anything by two you are just doubling the number. So that is why 4x2 is 8 as you are doubling 4 and double four is 8