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(The equal sign = tells that you are on the other side of the equal sign.)

2f+8=3f-6 You want to get the letters on one side.

-2f=-2f (I put that equal sign to show that the -2f is on the other side.)

8=f-6 3f-2f=f. And now, you want the numbers one just one side.

+6=+6 You have to add to get rid of subtract.

14=3f Now, you want to solve it by dividing.

14/3=3f/3.......... _This line goes with the the answer. It shows that the 6 infinitely repeats. (7)

Answers: f = 4.6 or or f = 6.67 or f = 4 2/3 or f = 14/3This is for if line seven (7) was unreadable. It says that the line goes with the answer and that it shows that the 6 infinitely repeats.

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Q: What is the answer to this Algebra Math Problem Simplify 2f plus 8 equals 3f-6?
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