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9 boys

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Q: What is the answer to this question The boy to girl ratio in the class was three to five . If there were twenty four students how many boys were there?
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2 out of 5 students in class have cats as pets there are 20 students in the class how many have cats?

The ratio of 2 / 5 is the same as 40%. We would simply take 40% of the twenty students in the class: 20 * 0.4 = 8 students have cats. (Note, this is the same as multiplying by two over five).

The ratio of boys 2 girls in feeling this class is 1to 3 there are 24 students in the class how many of the students are girls?

There would be 6 boy students and 18 girl students in the class.

Which group has the larger ratio of students with braces to students in class -- boys or girls?


What are the cheat codes for mathswatch?

;-; ;-;;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;--;-;--;-;-;-;-;-;-;--;-;-;-;-;---;-;--;;--;;--;-;-;-;-;

In Mrs. Wilson's math class the ratio of girls to total students is 5 to 8. If there are 24 total students how many boys are in the class?

9 boys

What is the ratio of 10 boys to 3 boys in a class?

a class of 25 students has 10 boys. Three boys have braces and 4 girls have braces..what is the ratio of boys with braces to boys in class

25 of the 40 students class are boys What is the ratio of boys to girls?


Students to faculy ratio at cal poly?

Typical class's size of cal poly

If a high school with 330 students wanted a ratio of 15 students per teacher how many teachers would they need?

Twenty-two teachers

If the ratio of boys to girls in a class is 4 to 5which of te following could be the total number of students in the class?


How does class size affect learning?

the number of students in a class to the number of teachers affects the student to teacher ratio. the number of students should be low just so the students that need personal instruction get it.

What is the ratio of 26 students 1 class?

It is just 26:1, i.e. students:classes

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