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Two and five eighths as an improper fraction is 2625/1000 or 21/8

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Q: What is the answer to two and five eighths as an improper fraction?
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What improper fraction is equal to two and three eighths?


What is two and seven eighths as an improper fraction in its lowest terms?


What is five and two thirds as an improper fraction?


What is five over two as in improper fraction?


What is the improper fraction for five and two thirds?

It is 17/3.

What is five wholes and two fifths in an improper fraction?

It is 27/5.

What is the least fraction one fifth two thirds or five eighths?


How do you make five and one half into improper fraction with 6 as denominator?

You can do this in two steps. First you convert it to an improper fraction the usual way. Then you transform it to an equivalent fraction, with a denominator 6.

What is five eighths subtract one quarter?

One quarter is two eighths, so five eighths subtract two eighths is three eighths.

Is one fourth greater than five eighths?

One fourth is considerably less than five eighths. To convert fourths into eighths, you can multiply the fraction 1/4 by 2/2 and get 2/8. It should be apparent that two eighths is a lot less than five eighths. Less than half, in fact.

What fraction lies halfway between two thirds and five eighths?

31/48Thirty one forty eighths.

How do you write two and five six in a fraction?

As an improper fraction it is 17/6 As a mixed fraction it is 2 5/6

What is the improper fraction for five and two fifths?

5 2/5= 27/5

What is the fraction for forty-two and five hundredths?

425/100 is a mixed number that equals the improper fraction 4205/100.

How do you write five and two tenths as a fraction?

5 and 2/10 as an improper fraction is 26/5 in its simplest form

What is the improper fraction for 1 and two third?

the answer is 5/3 or in words five over three

What is five eighths as its lowest term?

five eighths is the lowest term. You now this because the two numbers only share the factor of 1, and if 1 is the only shared factor the fraction is at it's lowest term.

Three and five eighths minus one?

Two and five eighths

How do you convert improper fraction to a proper fraction?

You can't. Improper and proper fractions are two different things. You can convert an improper fraction to a mixed number.

What is 5 divided by 3 in the form of a fraction?


Is five eighths greater than five ninths?

Yes. If two fractions have the same numeratorthen the one with the smaller denominator is the greater fraction.

What is two and four sevenths as an improper fraction?

Two and four sevenths as an improper fraction = 12857/5000

Is two fourth an improper fraction?

No, two fourth is not an improper fraction because the numerator is less than the denominator if it was improper it would be four over two which you can change it into a mixed number.

What is one and two eighths divided by five eighths?


What is one and two fifths in an improper fraction?

1 and 2/5 as an improper fraction is 7/5