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There must be a value given for x or y to solve.

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Q: What is the answer to y equals -4x-3?
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Its y equals 4x3 plus 4x2 a quadratic equation?

Interpreting this equation as y=4x3+4x2 This is not a quadratic equation. By definition, a quadratic equation is a polynomial equation of order two, meaning it is composed only of coefficients multiplied by x's raised to any exponential power of maximum 2. The most that any of the exponents in the equation can be is 2. Since this equation has a term of 4x3, it is not quadratic since this term has an exponent of 3. This means that the equation is of degree three. This equation is a cubic equation.

4 divided by 2 plus 4x3 equals?


What is x if 4x3 plus 50x equals 250?

4x3=12 250-12=238 238/50=4.76

What degree polynomial equation is 4x3 plus 7x2 - 4x equals 0?

The "degree" is the highest power - in this case, the 3 in 4x3 (4 times to the third power).

What is the commutative property of 4x3 equals 12?

3*4 = 12 as well.

Why does 4x3 equals 3x4 equal neg 6?

I does not so the question is misguided.

If 3 plus y equals a 3-y equals a then a equals y equals?

a = 3 and y = 0

What multiplication problem equals 12?

1x12, 6x2, 4x3

What is the answer to y plus 4x3?

It depends on what y is equal to. Insert what y is into the equation: y+4*3=? But simplified, it's... y+12=?

If 4 yards equals how many ft?

4 yards equals 12 feet, since 1 yard=3 feet, 4x3=12.

What is 4x3 to the second power?

4x3 times 4x3 = 16x6

What is 12 equals 2x2x3?

2x2x3=12 so therefore 12=2x2x3 2x2=4x3=12

What algebraic property is 8 equals x and x equals y?

Transitive property: If 8 equals x and x equals y, then 8 equals y.

Given y equals 3x plus 1 and x equals 3 then y equals?


Which equation has the steepest graph y equals 7x plus 3 y equals -2x plus 6 y equals -10x - 4 y equals 8x - 1?


If y equals 6x and x equals 1.5 what is y?


What is the y intercept for y equals -2x?

The y-intercept equals 0.

What is the answer for y equals x?

x equals y

If y equals one-forth x and x equals -12 then what is y?

x equals -12 and y equals 1/4 of -12, so y = -3.

Y equals 4x-10 if x equals 3?

y equals 2

If four hundred divided by Y equals fifty then Y equals?

Y = 8 !

In this equation x plus y equals 8 and y equals 3x your answer is x equals 2 and y equals 5 and Is your answer correct?

Half correct because x = 2 and y = 6

If y equals 3 then y3y3-y equals?


What is the answer of y equals 2x?

x equals half y

What is 192-y equals 150?

192-y equals 150 = 42