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fifteen out of seventeen into a decimal = 0.8824


= 15 ÷ 17

= 0.8824 in decimal

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Q: What is the answer when you convert fifteen out of seventeen into a decimal?
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How do you convert four and seventeen thirty-sevenths into a decimal?

4.459 repeating

How do you convert the fraction seventeen twelfths a decimal notation?

27/12 = 2 1/4 = 2.25

How do you convert fifteen over six into a decimal?

Fifteen over six (15/6) reduces to 5/2, which is the same as 5 ÷ 2 which equals 2.5

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How do you write seventeen thousand and fifteen?


How do you turn fifteen percent into a whole number?

To convert a percent to a decimal, divide by 100: 15 / 100 = 0.15

How is seventeen-tenths written as a decimal?

seventeen-tenths (17/10) written as a decimal = 1.7

Fifteen ten-thousandths as a decimal?

Fifteen ten-thousandths as a decimal is 0.0015

How do you write seventeen and 19 hundredths as a decimal?

Seventeen and 19 hundredths in decimal form is 17.19

What is the decimal of seventeen thousandths?

What is Seventeen and four thousandths

Is fifteen over seventeen greater than four over seventeen?

Whether you are counting people, cookies, books, seventeenths, etc., fifteen is greater than four.

What is the decimal form for seventeen forty eighths?

decimal form for seventeen forty eighths = 0.354217/48:= 17 ÷ 48= 0.3542 in decimal