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This link may give you an idea, but it will depend what country you live in and the condition of the piece. Mine cost £1300 4 years ago, but is infinitely beter than the one depicted.

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Q: What is the approximate value of a Sharps 50 or 52 cal 1859 c6669?
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What is the approximate value of a 1859 Sharps carbine serial 74975 in good condition?

2500$ 2500$

How much is a 1859 sharps carbine rifle worth?

10-10000 USD depending on specifics

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1859 1959 silver centennal stamp

Information on the C sharps arms co four shot pepper box?

In answer on the C Sharps arms Co four shot pepper box.My Uncle owns a pepper box .It is a 22 Cal.The serial # is 1069,it has a brass base.On the left side is C Sharps,patent 1859.On the right side is C Sharps Phila Pa. It seems in very good condition,good enough to fire.

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In good condition and good working order. Between 400 and 500 POUNDS. Depending on the finish.

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