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Kind of hard to give you an estimate. If they have been circulated at all, those from 1959 or newer are probably worth about 1 Cent each. The older "Wheat Backs" will bring about 1.5 cents each from a dealer if you are just selling them by the handfull/pound/roll. But if you have them separated and marked by date and mint mark, some could be worth considerably more. For example, a 1914 with a D mintmark below the date would retail for $80 and a 1931 S for $35 in Good Condition and much more in higher grades. Take a good look at those 1922's. If one has no mintmark, it could be worth either $25 or $200, but would have to be examined by an expert to determine which "No-D" variety it is. On the Above 1922 cents with a weak or missing mintmark were made from extremely worn dies that originally struck normal 1922D cents. Three different die pairs were involved; two of them produced "Weak D" coins. One die pair (no. 2, identified by a "strong reverse") is acknowledged as striking the "No-D" coins. The 1922 Lincoln, Wheat Ear Reverse cent was only minted in Denver, with 7.16 million made that year. There are three varieties of that coin. There is the regular "D" mintmark, valued from $14 (G-4) to $160 (MS-63). There is also the variety that has no mintmark at all. Unsuspecting people might mistake this for a Philadelphia mint, which did not put a letter on their coins. One common thing with the "No-D" variety is that people trying to make a buck would file down the "D" mintmark and attempt to sell it for hundreds. This coin is valued from $600 (G-4) to $30,000 (MS-63). The third variety is a "Weak-D". The "Weak-D" is priced from $35 (G-4) to $675 (MS-63). -----8ballbuilder

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Q: What is the approximate value of pennies from 1911 to 1964?
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What is the value of Australian Pennies?

Australian Pennies were minted in most years from 1911 to 1964 inclusive. The collectible value of any coin would depend on the year, the condition and where it was minted.

What are the value of all Australian Pennies?

That is too much information to put into one answer. Australian Pennies were minted from 1911 to 1964, except for 1937 and 1954. Valuations for Australian Pennies already exist on Use the format "What is the value of a 19xx Australian Penny", to find your answer on

What is the value of a 19xx Australian Penny?

Australian Pennies were minted in most years from 1911 to 1964 inclusive. Depending on the condition and the year, Australian Pennies may be worth anything from $0.50 to $500,000 AUD.

Was there a 1954 Australian Penny minted?

No. Australian Pennies were minted from 1911 to 1964 with the exception of 1937 and 1954.

What are 1964 pennies worth?

Face value only. Billions were minted.

What is the weight of a 1924 Australian penny?

All Australian Pennies issued from 1911 to 1964 inclusive weigh 9.45 grams.

How old are 1964 Australian Pennies?

Australian 1964 Pennies were minted in 1964, so as at January 2011, they are 47 years old.

How much is a 1300 Australian penny worth?

Such a coin does not exist. Australia was not discovered until 1770. Australian Pennies were minted in most years from 1911 to 1964 inclusive.

How many Australian pennies were minted?

The Australian Penny was minted in every year from 1911 to 1964 except 1937 and 1954. During this period approximately 758,123,000 were minted.

What would be the approx value of 50 uncirculated 1964 quarters?

The approximate value of 50 uncirculated 1964 United States Quarters would depend on the current market value of silver, but is likely to be between $75 and $150.

How much are pennies from 1964 and under worth?

They're worth one cent.Specific pennies from 1964 or earlier could be worth considerably more to a collector, but you'd really need to take them to one to get an estimate. The value depends on the details and the condition of the coin.

How much are 1964 australian pennies worth?

The 1964 Australian pennies are currently more than 50 United States Dollars.

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