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Q: What is the approximate volume of a beach ball with a diameter of 18 inches?
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What is the approximate volume of a beach ball with a diameter of 26 inches?

Volume = 4/3*pi*143 = about 11494 cubic inches

What is the volume of a beach ball that has a radius of 5 diameter?

Volume of the beach ball: 4/3*pi*radius^3

What is closest to the volume of a beach ball with a diameter of 3 feet?

Divide the diameter by 2 to get the radius. Then use the formula for the volume of a sphere.

A small beach ball has a radius of 8 inches A larger beach ball has a volume that is twice the volume of the small ball What is the best approximation for the radius of the large beach ball?

10 inches

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How big is a beach ball?

The average volume of a 20 inch beach ball is 800 cubic inches of air. A beach ball is a sphere so the formula to figure out the amount of air need to fill it is 4 pi times the radius cubed divided by three.

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