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that is the area

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Q: What is the area of 100m squared?
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How do you factor 100m squared-49n squared?

100m^2-49n^2 (10m+7n)(10m-7n) the middle term cancels out.

What is the perimetier of a square that has 100m squared in it?

40 metersFormula: Area = side2side = square root of Area = √100 = 10mPerimeter = 4 * side = 4 * 10m = 40m

What is the perimeter of a square with an area of 10000m2?

If the area is 10000m2, each side has length 100m Therefore the perimeter is 4*100m = 400m

What is the side of 100meter squared?

It depends. Some would say 100 metre squared is 100m * 100m so the side would be 100m. Others would say that 10m*10m = 100 sq metres which could be written as 100 m2. So the side should be 10 m. Sorry, but this is where loose use of the English language does not help.

How do you work out the area of a room 100m x 50m?

100m x 50m=5000m2

How fast should you run the 100m if you are 52 kilos?

100:52kg x your height in meters squared

What is the area of 418m squared?

The area is 418m squared, as in the question!

What is the area of a field 100m by 8m?


What is the perimeter of a warehouse 100m by 60m?

Assuming the warehouse is a rectangle, the perimeter would be 100m + 60m + 100m + 60m = 320m.The area is 100m * 60 m = 6,000 sq m.

What is area of a parallelogram if the area is 2 units squared?

The area is 2 units squared.

Is area squared feet or feet squared?

feet squared

How many meters square are there in a hectar?

The hectare is a measure of area. 1 hectare is equivalent in area to a 100m square, that is, a square 100m x 100m 1 hectare=100x100 square metres = 10,000m2.