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28 cm squared

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Q: What is the area of 7cm by 4cm?
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A triangle's sides are 4cm 7cm and 9cm what is the area?

Area 51.

What is perimeter and area called in mathematics?

The perimeter is the addition of the all the sides of the shape. For example if a rectangle has two sides which are 4cm and two sides which are 7cm, then the perimeter will be 4cm+4cm+7cm+7cm. The perimeter would therefore be 22cm. The area of a shape is gotten by multiplying the length and breadth of the shape. For example, in a rectangle witrh the same measurements above, the area will be 4cm x 7cm and that would 28cm. You have to use the square sign but I can't do that here.

What is the area of 7 cm long and 4 cm wide?

Area= length x width. Therefore, Area= 7cm x 4cm=28cm squared.

What is the ratio of 28cm to 4cm?

The ratio is: 7cm to 1cm

What is the perimiter of a rectangle measuring 7cm by 4cm?

The answer is 28cm

What is the perimeter of a rectangle 7cm x 4cm?

22 cm

What is the area of a right triangle that has legs 7cm and 4cm long?

4 * 7 = 28 28/2 = 14 sq cm

What is the area of a 7cm square?

area= 7cm x 7cm = 49cm^2

What shape are you have 3 straight sides my side lengths are 7cm 4cm 5cm?

A scalene triangle.

When the dimensions of a 2Cm X 5Cm rectangle were increased by equal amounts the area was increased by 18cm find the dimensions of the new rectangle using factoring?

The new dimensions are 4cm and 7cm

How many triangles exist with the given side lengths 4cm 4cm 7cm. Only one triangle No triangles or infinite triangles?

It is an isosceles triangle with 2 equal sides.

What are the partner lengths for 7 centimeters?

1cm + 6cm, 2cm +5cm, 3cm + 4cm all the partners that add up to 7cm.

What is the surface area of a cube with 4cm by 4cm by 4cm?

96 sq. cm

Is it possible that a square can have the same perimeter and area?

Yes (apart from units):If the side of a square is 4cm then itsperimeter is 4cm + 4cm + 4cm + 4cm = 4 x 4cm = 16cm;area is 4cm x 4cm = 16cm2

What is the density of a wood block 4cm 1 cm 7cm?

you are wrong go look in atext book no cheating on computers!

If a gift box is 7cm long 4cm wide and 3 cm tall what is the volume?


Can you make a triangle out of 2 4 and 7cm?

No. The two shortest sides, 2cm and 4cm, add up to 6cm. 6 cm is shorter than 7cm, so those three sides will not make a triangle.

What is the area of a 4 by 4 square?

if you mean 4cm by 4cm square, then the area is 16cm2

The area of a square of length 4cm?

A square with a side length of 4cm has an area of 16cm2

What is the maximum volume of a cone which is inscribed unable cylinder where radius of cylinder is 4cm and height is 7cm?

Approx 117.3 cubic centimetres.

What is the area of a rectangle that is 4cm long and 3cm wide?

the equation for area is area = length * width. area = 3cm*4cm. Area = 12cm^2

In a cylinder height is 7cm and area is 659.73cm2 what is diameter?

If a cylinder's height is 7cm and its area is 659.73cm2, its diameter will be approximately 14.66cm

What is the perimeter of a rectangle with two 7cm sides and two 4cm sids?

Perimeter = 7+7+4+4 = 22 cm

What is the fraction of the width of a rectangle if the width is 4cm and the length is 7cm?

It depends on whether you want the width as a fraction of the length or perimeter or something else - like the diagonal.

What is the Volume of a box that is 7cm wide and 2dm long and 4cm deep?

7 x 20 x 4 = 560 cubic centimetres (or cm cubed).

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