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3 feet x 8 feet equals an area of 24 square feet.

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24 feet

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Q: What is the area of a rectangle 8ft x 3ft?
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What is the area of an 8ft by 8ft rectangle?

An 8ft x 8ft rectangle is actually a square. The area is l x w = 8ft x 8ft = 64ft2.

What is the length and width of a rectangle if the area is 48 square feet?

There are many answers to this question... L x W = A 1ft x 48ft = 48ft2 2ft x 24ft = 48ft2 3ft x 16ft = 48ft2 4ft x 12ft = 48ft2 6ft x 8ft = 48ft2 8ft x 6ft = 48ft2 16ft x 3ft = 48ft2 12ft x 4ft = 48ft2 24ft x 2ft = 48ft2 48ft x 1ft = 48ft2

Can you completely cover a 4ft by 8ft area with 3 ft by 3ft tiles?

Not without having to slice some tiles up ! The tiles you would need are:- 2 of 3ft x 3 ft 1 of 2ft x 3ft 2 of 3ft x 1 ft 1 of 2ft x 1 ft

How many square feet is 8ft x 3ft 6 floor?


How many cubic yards of dirt for a 8ft x 8ft x 1ft garden?

1yd = 3ft, so your garden is 2.667 x 2.667 x 0.333 = 2.37037 cubic yards.

If the length of a rectangle is eight feet more than its width and the area of the rectangle is 345 what is the length and width of the rectangle?

let width= x length= 8ft+x area of rectangle= 345 area= l*b = 8+x*x=345 = 2x= 337 x=168.5 Length=176.5 Breadth=168.5 SORRY THE ANS IS WRONG.

What is the square meter of 12ft x 8ft?

The area of a 12-ft by 8-ft rectangle, expressed in metric units, is 8.919 square meters. (rounded)

How many square yards in an area 38 feet long by 20 feet wide?

Area of rectangle = 38ft x 20ft = 760ft2 1sq yd = 1yd x 1yd = 3ft x 3ft = 9ft2 760ft2 / 9 ~= 84.4 sq yds.

What is the square feet of a wall 8 feet x 18 feet?

Area of rectangle = length x width Area_of_wall = 18ft x 8ft = 144 ft2

What is 3 ft x 6 ft 8 in cm?

3ft by 6ft by 8ft = 144ft^3conversion factor for ft^3 to cm^3 = 1 Cubic Foot = 28 316.8466therefore there are 4077626 cubic centimeters in a 3ft by 6ft by 8 ft area.144 x 28316.8466 =4077626

How many liters in 8ft x 3ft x 2.5ft?

2.5 cubic feet = 70.8 liters.

How many cubic feet is 8' long x 2' wide x 3' high?

8ft x 2ft x 3ft = 48ft3 (48 cubic feet)