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Area of a rectangle is width times lenght. 14m in lenght (times) 5m in width = 70m2

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Q: What is the area of a rectangle with a length of 14m and width of 5m?
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What is the area of a square with length 10m width 10m and a rectangle with length 14m and width 10?

Area of square: 10*10 = 100 square m Area of rectangle: 14*10 = 140 square m

If the length is 14m and the perimeter is 34m what is the area and width?

W = P/2 - L, in this case 3 m, making A = 42 sq m

What are all possible numbers of the sides of a 14m rectangle?

assuming whole numbers and you mean 14 square meters area it's 1x14 and 2x7 whole numbers and 14m perimeter 1x7 and 2x5 and 3x4

What is the area of a parallelogram of 6m and 14M?

Not too sure of the given dimensions but the area of a parallelogram is length times perpendicular height.

A rectangular field is 20m long and 14m wide there is a path of equal width all around it having an area of 111 Sq m find the width of the path?

The width of the path having an area of 111 square meters is 28.5 meters.

Maximum length of a steel bar?


What is the perimeter of a square with side length 3.5m?


How many cubic meters is 21m x 14m?

Your question needs to be restated. A rectangle 14 m X 21 m is a measure of area, not volume. You need to know how high the box is, not just its "footprint".

What is surface area of a rectangular prism that has these dimensions 14m x 8m x 6 m?

14m x 8m x 6m = 672 m^3

What would be the area of parallelogram 10m 14m?

There is not enough information to answer the question.

Area of a triangle with a area of 14m and a height of 12m?

The answer is 84 because you need to multiply the height and base which is 14 and 12 which equals 168. But because the triangle is halve of a square you need to divided the answer by 2 which is 168 divided by 2 equals 84.

What is the perimeter of rhombus having its diagonal 14m?

The length of one diagonal is not sufficient to determine its sides and so its perimeter.

43km 14m to kilometers?

43km 14m to kilometers

What is the surface area of a rectangular prism that has the dimension of 14m times 8m times 6m?

488 metres2

What is the area of a vegetable garden that is 14m long and 5m wide?

14*5 = 70 square metres.

How lineal meter differ with perimeter let say you have a lot of 4m x 3m so the perimeter is 14m. Is it safe to say that 14 lineal meter is the length of the lot how do you differentiate the two.?

It is not correct to say that 14 lineal metres is the length of the plot. The length of the plot is 4 m, the width is 3 m and the perimeter is 14 m. You can see how absurd your assertion becomes if the plot is a shape other than rectangular, for example, triangular or circular.

What is the surface area of a rectangular prism that has the dimensions 14m x 8m x 6 m?

Formula: Surface area of rectangular prism = 2(lw + lh + wh) where l is the length, w is the width and h is the height. Let l = 14, w = 8 and h = 6 Surface area = 2[(14 * 8) + (14 * 6) + (8 * 6)] = 2(112 + 84 + 48) = 2(244) = 488 m^2 Therefore the surface area is 488 m^2

What is the height of a parallelogram with a area of 224 square meter and a base of 16 meters?

224 divided by 16, ie 14m

How many square meters are there in an area covering 14 meters wide x 16 meters deep?

Area = 14m * 16 m = 224 square metres.

What is the GCF of 14m and 21m?

The GCF is 7m.

What is the factorization of mยฒ - 14m plus 48?

m² - 14m + 48 = (m - 6)(m - 8)

How do you simplify 14M plus 2n-6M plus 11n?

14M + 2n - 6M + 11n = 8M + 13n

Two parallel sides of the trapezium are 10m and 22m whose non parallel sides are 13m and 14m find the area of trapezium?


How many cm is in 14m?


What is the range of measurements 20m 10m 22m 12m 14m 14m 5m 27m 45m 32m 24m?