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it is equal to the area of that square divided by four.

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Q: What is the area of one fourth of a square?
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What is the area of a square that one side equals one-fourth?

One whole

If a square had an area of one fourth square centimeters what would be the length of each side?

one half. (1/2)

What is the square root of one fourth?

.05 is the square root of one fourth.

Is one fourth of one square the same size as one fourth of the other square?


If a square has a side that is 1 half ft then what is the area?

The area is,one fourth square feet(1/4 ft to the power of 2)

The perimeter of square A is 24 cm The area of square B is one fourth the area of square A What is the perimeter of square B?

Since a square has four equal sides, the length of one side is (24/4)cm=6cm and the area is length X width or 6cmX6cm=36cm2. One fourth of A's area is then 36cm2/4=9cm2. Square B then has a length and width of 3cm and its perimeter is 2(L + W)=2(3cm+3cm)=12cm. STUPID

What is the square root of one-fourth of four?

One fourth of four = 1. Square root of 1 = 1.

What is one fourth of a square meter?

A square metre is a square measuring one metrre on each side. A fourth of that is a square measuring 500mm on each side.

Which is greater five and one fourth or square root 26?

Five and one fourth is greater than the square root of 26.

What is the fourth largest island in the world?

The fourth largest Island in the world is Madagascar. It has an area of 226,917 square miles.

What is the one-fourth perimeter of a square?

It is: perimeter/4 = length of one side of the square

Size is South America?

It ranks fourth in size with an area of about 17,819,000 square kilometers or 9,365,000 square miles.

How many square km is the Simpson desert?

It is the fourth largest Australian desert with an area of 176,500 square Kms

How many square feet is one fourth of acre?

10,890 square feet.

What is the area of America?

The area of the United States of America is 3.794 million square miles. It is the fourth largest country by area in the world.

What country has the fourth largest population?

The Republic of Indonesia is the fourth largest populated country with about 250,000,000 people. Its land area is 904,570 square kilometers or 735,359 square miles.

How many square inches in a one fourth inch circle?

im assuming your circle has a diameter of 1/4 inches to find sq in just find the area since the area is the definition of square inches. area = (3.14159) * (.252) = 0.196349375sq in

What is the area of a square with sides lengths of 0ne thirds cm?

Area of square is side square.Hence area of one third side square will be one ninth cm.

What is the square root of twenty nine and one fourth?


What is the fourth power of the square root of minus one?

It is +1

How many square feet is in one fourth of an acre?


What is the square root of one-fourth?

The square root of 1/4 is: 0.5

Area of 1ft by 1ft square?

The area of a square one foot on a side is 1 square foot

What is one fourth of a shaded area?

your question is an answer my friend

A wire of length 3x is bent into the shape of a square Express the area A of the square as a function of x?

The square is formed from a wire the length of 3x, which forms a perimeter of the same length. Because each side of the square is one fourth of the total perimeter (1 out of 4 equal sides), each side is 3x/4. The square of one side of a square is equal to the area of that square, so the area is (3x/4)2 = (9/16)x2.The answer is then A = (9/16)x2.