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The area of a rectangle is calculated by multiplying its height and its width (h x w), i.e. how tall it is by how wide it is.

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Q: What is the area of the recangle?
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What is the area of a recangle with a width of 12feet and a length of 10feet?

Area of a recangle = (width) x (length) = (12-ft x 10-ft) = 120 square feet

What do you call an equilateral recangle?

If, by recangle, the question refers to rectangle, the answer is a square.

What is a slanted rectangle called?

A Parallelogram

How do you Make a recangle and square with Same perimeter and area?

A square is a type of rectangle so just draw a 10x10 refracts and it is early a square also.

How many line segments does a rectangle have?

A recangle has 4 line segments. (Each side is a line segment).

What is the length of a recangle if the perimiter is 100 ft and the width is 20 ft?

It is: 30 feet Check: 30+30+20+20 = 100 feet

What is the difference between a pentagon and a rectangle?

How Pentagon and Rectangle Are DifferentThe difference between a pentagon and recangle is that a pentagon has five sides and a rectangle has four sides.

How do you find surface area of cube?

A cube has six faces, and if you multiply the area of a face by six, you'll get the cube's surface area. The area of a face is given by multiplying the length of an edge by itself. It's like the length times the width to find the area of a recangle, but since a square has a length that's equal to a width, it's just an edge (e) times itself or e x e or e2 for that area. Surface areacube = 6 e2 The surface area of the cube equals 6 times the square of the length of the edge. Cool eh?

How do you get cubed glass on Minecraft?

You must take sand and put it in a furnace is you want glass panes take 6 blocks of glass and put it in a 2 by 3 recangle

What is a retangular prism?

a 3-d rectangle A rectangular prism is a rectangle like in 3-d. a rectangular prisim is a recangle that is 3D a rectangular prism is a rectangle but in 3-d

What is difference between retail area and carpet area?

Carpet area is carpet area and retail area is retail area

Why do you think homes usually have rectangular rooms?

Because its easier to find the area of a rectangle.It's also because maybe the recangle of a room is the cheapest way.Drywall (Sheetrock) is in long straight sheets and has to be carefully broken to fitaround corners, and then back-filled with joint compound to cover the cracks/gaps.Also, it makes it a lot tougher from the architect, to the house framer, to the drywallerto the end user to figure out to to use the curved wall (can't hang a picture on it,can't throw a couch up against it, etc... So it's normally why you see them onlyin high-priced homes (Monticello) and entryways (double-curved staircase to thelobby, etc.)

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