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Q: What is the area of the shaded sector of 45 and 7?
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What is the area of the shaded sector if the circle has a radius of 7 and the central angle is 45 degrees?


What is the area of the shaded sector with a radius of 7?

That will depend on the length or angle of the arc which has not been given

Area of a shaded region?

Find the area of the shaded region means find the area of the area that is shaded in or darkened.

If the ratio of a circle's sector to its total area is 78 what is the measure of its sector's arc?

Length of arc = angle of arc (in radians) × radius of circle With a ratio of 7:8 the area of the sector is 7/8 the area of the whole circle. This is the same as saying that the circle has been divided up into 8 equal sectors and 7 have been shaded in. Dividing the circle up into 8 equal sectors will give each sector an angle of arc of 2π × 1/8 7 of these sectors will thus encompass an angle of arc of 2π × 1/8 × 7 = 2π × 7/8 = 7π/4 Thus the length of the arc of the sector is 7π/4 × radius of the circle. --------------------------------- Alternatively, it can be considered that as 7/8 of the area is in the sector, the length of the arc is 7/8 the circumference of the circle = 7/8 × 2π × radius = 7π/4 × radius.

There are 3 stars shaded and 4 stars and in all there's 7 stars what is the fraction?

3/7 * 100 = 42.857% of the stars are shaded.4/7 * 100 = 57.143% are not shaded.

If i have 20 blocks what is 35 percent shaded?

There are 7 shaded blocks.

Where is the Boot sector folder in windows 7?

There is no such folder. Boot sector is a special area on the hard drive which is cannot be edited or viewed without special tools.

There are 3 stars shaded and 4 stars and there's 7 stars in all what is the fraction?

3 - 7 is the fraction for 3 shaded stars and 4 unshaded stars

Is sector 7 real?

Sector 7 is thought to some to be a myth. in my opinion it is real, most belive to hold technology from other planets in area 51. We do not know if this is true, the government refuses to tell us anything.

What is the arc measure of a sector with area 38.485 ft2 and radius 7?

Area of sector: 38.485 sq ft Area of circle: 153.93804 sq ft Arc in degrees: (38.485/153.93804)*360 = 90.00114592 or about 90 degrees Arc in feet: 10.99557429 or about 11 feet

What are 7 ninths of 45?

49 7 ninths of 45 is the same as 45 divide by 9 timesed by 7. 45/9=7 7*7=49

If four sevenths and one fourth of a rectangle was shaded in what would be the fraction for the non shaded?

The unshaded region is 5/28ths of the rectangle.Shaded is 4/7 + 1/4 = 16/28 + 7/28 = 23/28