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Its area is 180,533 km2.

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Q: What is the area of the state of missouri?
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What is the area of Little Missouri State Park?

The area of Little Missouri State Park is 23.265 square kilometers.

What is Missouri's area?

Missouri has total area of 69,707 square miles which includes 68,741 square miles of land. Missouri is the 18th largest U.S. state based on land area.

Which US state use the 636 area code?

The 636 area code is used by the state of Missouri. It generally applies to the eastern and central areas of Missouri - other area codes used by the state include 314, 417 and 573.

How does Missouri rank in size among the states?

Missouri is the 21st largest US state in total area.

Is California bigger than Missouri?

Yes. California is the 3rd largest state at 163,696 sq. mi., and Missouri is the 21st largest state at 69,704 sq. mi.

What is the abbreviation of Missouri state?

The abbreviation for the state of Missouri is MO.

What state has the largest land area east of the Missouri river?

Georgia number 21

What is the name of the state show you state?

First of all it is called the show me state and the state is... Missouri

What is the school setting of Truman state university?

Truman State University is located in a rural area of northeastern Missouri. The campus is in Kirksville, Missouri, a town of 17,505 as of the 2010 census. The campus itself is in the middle of town, near the town square.

What is the Missouri compromises?

The Missouri Compromise was when Missouri was admitted as a slave state and Maine as a free state.

What is Missouri's state animal?

the mule is Missouri's state animal

Which is a larger in land areaCalifornia or missiouri?

California is the third largest US State behind Alaska and Texas while Missouri ranks as the 21st US State by total area.