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If you mean: 2x+3y = 6 then the coordinates are (3, 0) and (0, 2) giving the triangle an area of 3 square units

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Q: What is the area of the triangle formed by the 2x 3y6 and the coordinate axes?
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What is the number of the lines which have equal angles with three coordinate axes?

3 lines and it could be an equilateral triangle

What is te point where the axes of the coordinate plane intersect?

The axes of coordinate planes intersect at the point of origin.

What is it called when a coordinate plane is divided by its axes in fours?

Quadrants result when a coordinate plane is divided by its axes in fours.

What are the coordinate axes?

The coordinate axes are the x and y axes that intersect each other at right angles at the point of origin (0, 0) on the Cartesian plane.

What are the projections of a vector along the axes of a coordinate system?

A tangent of the vector is the projection of a vector along the axes of a coordinate system.

What is two perpendicular number lines in a coordinate system?

They are the coordinate axes.

What are each of two lines that intersect to from a coordinate grid are?

The coordinate axes.

Parts of coordinate system?

Origin and axes.

How many axes of symmetry in equilateral triangle?

threethere are 3 axes of semmetry in a equilateeral triangle

How many axes of symmetry in an isoceles triangle?

An isosceles triangle definitely has three axes of symmetry

How many axes of symmetry does a triangle have?

A triangle, in general has none. An isosceles triangle has 1 axis of symmetry while an equilateral triangle has 3 axes.

What is the difference between the chart area and plot area in excel?

The plot area is the rectangular area formed by the axes. The chart area is bigger and includes the title, the axes labels and values and the key (in its default positions).