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ozone=3 atoms of oxygen

Therefore, Atomic Mass of ozone=16X3


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Q: What is the atomic mass of ozone?
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What is the atomic number of a ozone molecule?

to my own understanding ozone does not have an atomic number

What is the molar mass of ozone?

Ozone contains 3 molecules of oxygen. Molar mass of ozone is 48.

Why dont atomic bombs destroy ozone?

Because the atoms released by atomic bombs do not react with the chemical Ozone, O3.

How many atoms in one gram of ozone?

Molar mass of Ozone = 3 x At mass of Oxygen=3 x 16 =48 g1 mole = 6.022 x 10 231 mole = atomic mass of the element48g = 6.022 x 10 231 g = 6.022 x 10 23 /481g of ozone = 0.125 x10231 gram of ozone has 1.25 x 1022 atoms.

What is ozone did not act as a filter?

Ozone is a tri-atomic form of oxygen. It acts as a filter to UV rays.Ozone is present in the stratosphere. It is a tri atomic form of nascent oxygen.

Where do you get ozone oxygen?

Oxygen and ozone are allotropes. These are made of oxygen atoms. Ozone is its three atomic form.

What is bigger the atomic mass or atomic number?

Atomic no.=no. of protons Atomic mass=no. of protons+no. of neutrons Hence, atomic mass is greater

What is the atomic mass-?

The atomic mass is the mass of a molecule, atomic particle or sub-atomic particle.

What is the atomic mass of silver?

The atomic mass of silver is approximately 107.87 atomic mass units.

What is the atomic mass of aluminum?

The atomic mass of aluminum is approximately 26.98 atomic mass units.

What occurs in the ozone?

The ozone is a tri atomic gas of oxygen. It occurs in the ozone layer where absorption of UV is done.

What is the difference between atomic mass and atomic mass unit?

The atomic mass unit is used to express the measure of the atomic mass.