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Q: What is the attraction of flying a kite?
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What is slag fro plane?

flying bus, flying kite, kite

Why is a flying kite good?

A non flying kite would defeat the purpose of it being a kite entirely.

What is the definition for kite string?

A kite string is a string which connects a kite to the person flying it. The string not only prevents the kite from flying away but actually keeps it flying by assuring that it does not turn from the wind.

What country is kite flying popular in?

kite flying is popular in China,Japan and Korea as-well

Does gravity effect the flying of a kite?

Yes, gravity affects the flying of a kite by pulling it downward. The tension in the kite string counteracts this force, allowing the kite to remain aloft. The angle of the kite and the wind also play a role in keeping the kite flying.

What do you call it you ride a kite in the sky?

You'd be simply flying a kite.

What variables are important for flying a kite?

Wind speed, wind direction, line tension, and the weight of the kite are important variables for flying a kite. These factors determine how well the kite will fly and how easy it will be to control.

Where can one learn about kite flying?

Kite flying can be learned step by step at WikiHow website. They have all the steps written and they also teach how to make your own kite if interested.

Does cardboard work in flying a kite?


Is flying a kite a density application?

Yes, flying a kite is a density application because it involves utilizing the density difference between the air inside the kite and the surrounding air to generate lift. By harnessing this density differential, the kite is able to fly in the air.

When is Kite Day?


Where do you find a kite shape in everyday life?

For recreation e.g flying of kite, kite surfing and many others.