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OMG you are SO sick to ask that question.

But, I think at around 7, because 7 year olds think they do not have a say sometimes,

but still! why the hell did you ask this PERSONAL question?

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Q: What is the average age of children who die from abuse?
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How many children die due to abuse?

When people abuse their kids it is just sick those people should have never had sex and had their children if they are going to abuse them. People listen to me please DON'T ABUSE your CHILDREN please they are the ones you had that you made please no more abuse=(

How many dogs die in 1 day from animal abuse?

An average of 32 dogs die every day because of abuse.

How many children in the world suffer from child abuse every day?

about 4 children die every day due to child abuse or neglect

How many children get abused everyday in the world?

A lot about 4 children die everyday because of child abuse. Child abuse is a terrible thing.

WHAT IS average school age children die each year in school bus related crashes?


How many kids get killed by child abuse?

four children die everyday due to child abuse or neglect.

What percent of animals die due to animal abuse?

About 90% die from animal abuse and the other 10% just dies becaus of old age or a rare disease.

What percent of children die in war?

5% of children age 18 die every year

How many children died of abuse in 2007?

Every day, about four children die in the U.S. because of abuse or neglect, most of them babies or toddlers. For more facts, go to the link below

How many children die each year because of child abuse in new zealand?


What is the average age human beings die?

They die at an old age like 70 and up.

Has anyone died from corporal punishment?

Many children die from child abuse mentally and physically. They die from physical abuse because most likely the abuser is an adult. If an adult its a child it could kill them. They suffer from mental abuse because they do not know what to think. All they know is that someone four times their age is hitting them as hard as they can.