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It all depends on what type of land it is. If it is wooded land than it would cost more than land that has little to no trees on it. On average I would say that 1 acre would be around $10,000. Hope that helped

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Q: What is the average cost of land per acre in Washington township Pennsylvania?
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The average yield of corn per acre in Pennsylvania is approximately 150 bushels. The average soybean yield is 40 bushels per acre.

What is the average cost of land per acre in Washington state?

The average land per acre in Washington state is worth about $1,600. The amount will vary depending upon the exact location of the land.

What is average cost for an acre of land in Pennsylvania?

"How long is a string?" Seriously, an acre of land in downtown Philadelphia might cost a bit more than an unplatted acre in the mountains of Coal Country. How useful is it to know the average?

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What is the average price per acre in Pennsylvania by county?

I am looking to pay around 2700+ per acre for 31 acres in southern PA. I dont know about the rest of the state. It would probably help though.

Average bushel of corn per acre?

The worldwide average is about 82 bushels per acre.

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