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Q: What is the average distance to walk in one hour?
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What is the average time to walk in 1 hour?

The average time to walk one hour is 60 minutes. This assumes a consistent walking pace without breaks.

How fast do you walk uphill on average?

As an average 300 m (altitude) in one hour.

What is the speed of traveling a long distance on horseback?

The average speed of a horse's walk, which could be maintained for long distances, is three to four miles per hour. The average distance horses are capable of covering within one continuous day is thirty miles.

You walk 4 miles south in one hour what is your average speed in mph?

4 mph

If you walk 1 hour how long is that?

If you walk for one hour, your walk was one hour long. If you are asking how 'far' that would be ;) then it depends on your walking speed. If you walk at 3 miles per hour for one hour, then you will have traveled 3 miles. If you walk 4 miles per hour for one hour, then you will have walked 4 miles. You see the pattern I hope. Most people measure out a certain distance in advance with a car. For example, drive from your house to a point 2.5 miles away, then select an object such as a building as a memory marker. If you walk form your house to that building and back, you will have traveled 5 miles in total. If you walk at a 3 mile per hour pace, it should take you about an hour and twenty minutes.

How may miles can the average human walk an hour?

the average human can walk three miles in one hours. I find I can would about 1 mile in 20 minutes so that would make it 3 miles in an hour. "Keep on Truckin"

What is a good distance to walk for a workout?

Think in time rather than distance, and aim for one hour. For me that'd be about 4 miles - your result may vary.

Can a human walk five miles in one hour?

That is an average speed of 3.75 mph.

How fast does a human walk?

It depends on how quickly the human in question puts one foot in front of the other -- factors such as length of stride, weight, and type of terrain effect this. Generally speaking, most people walk at 2.5 to 3 miles per hour. Typically 4 MPH is considered a brisk walk, and at about 6 MPH, you're jogging. Over a long distance (e.g., a marathon) 12 MPH is a world-record pace.

How do you find the average spread?

Average speed is the total distance traveled divided by the elapsed time. A car that travels 60 miles in one hour, stops for one hour and travels 60 miles for another hour, has an average speed of 120 miles / 3 hours, which is 40 mph.

How many days does it take to walk from Melbourne to Ballarat?

The distance between Melbourne and Ballarat is 113km. It would depend on how fast one can walk. If an average walking pace over an extended period of time is about 5km per hour, and one was able to walk for 8 hours each day, then it would take aboutt two and a half days to walk between these two cities.

What if you took 7603 steps in one hour how many miles did you walk?

A step is not a uniform unit of distance. Therefore it is impossible to convert steps into miles.