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4999 10,000. This may seem counter-intuitive to some. Go to 'Discuss Question' for the rationale behind this answer.

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Q: What is the average of the first 10000 odd numbers?
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The sum of the first positive 100 odd numbers?

The sum of the first 100 odd numbers (1 through 199) is 10000 (ten thou)

What is the sum of the first 100 consecutive odd numbers?

It is 100^2=10000

Arithmetical average of the first one million odd numbers?

The answer is one million (the average of the first n odd numbers is always n.)

What is the average of first 10 odd whole numbers?

The average is 10. You will find that the average when adding together the first n odd numbers is always equal to n.

What is the sum of the first one hundred consecutive odd natural counting numbers?

Their sum is 10000.

What is the aritmetic average of the first twenty-three odd numbers?

The 12th odd number.

How many odd square numbers are there under 10000?

The nearest number whose square ≤ 10000 is 100. Then the greatest odd number less that 100 is 99 so there are 50 odd numbers in the range 1- 99 inclusive whose squares are less than 10000.

What is the sum of all odd numbers from 1 to 200?


How much numbers are odd between 1 to 10000?

4999 (not counting 1).

What are the first 20 odd numbers?

The first 20 odd numbers are: 13579111315171921232527293133353739.

What are the first 100 odd numbers?

The first 100 odd whole numbers are: 13579111315171921232527293133353739414345474951535557596163656769717375777981838587899193959799101103105107109111113115117119121123125127129131133135137139141143145147149151153155157159161163165167169171173175177179181183185187189191193195197199.

Which are the first 85 odd numbers?

The first 85 odd numbers are: 1 3579111315171921232527293133353739414345474951535557596163656769717375777981838587899193959799101103105107109111113115117119121123125127129131133135137139141143145147149151153155157159161163165167169.