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Around 235-250, but my son got a 267 in the spring

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its not stop flexing you are not even cool

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Q: What is the average sixth grade score for a NWEA test on Math?
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What is the average scholastic math inventory score for 7th grade?


Is 224 a good score on sixth grade math map testing?

no it is not i scored 155 in 6th grade dude that's a terrible score unless you mean 255. I scored a 288 you noobs.

Is 268 a good score on 5Th grade map testing in math?

Yes, it's VERY good. Above your grade average!

Is math score interval data?

No; since you refer to a math score (and not a math grade), it is ratio data.

What are the sixth grade math formulas?

Depends what you are studying.

Is it good for a fifth grade MAP score to be 243?

that's a very good grade when i was in 5th grade i got a 251 i had a 99% range so all in all that's awesome (this is a different person). Good it is is the 95 percentile range

What are the subjects you have to pass in the sixth grade?

reading, science,and math.

How do you teachers learn six graders math?

In sixth grade

What is the average seventh map test scores?

I think the average 7th grade math score is 222, I got 256 :) ---------------------------------------- I am in 5th grade REACH an I got 245. =] ----------------------------------------- I am in 6th grade and I got 284! I'm in 7th. I got a 275 in 6th. In a school enterance test I thought they would obviously accept me in and I got a 240. Now they won't let me in.

What is an outlier in math for sixth grade?

50 pages of work a day for 8th

What is the difference between Grade point average and grade point index?

Grade Point Average (GPA) is the average of your grades using various point scales. Grade Point Index (GPI) is actually an eligibility index that is used for admissions. Elibility Index or GPI calculation: You can calculate your eligibility index by multiplying your grade point average by 800 and adding your combined score on the SAT, using the combined scores earned on the critical reading and math sections. If you took the ACT, multiply your grade point average by 200 and add ten times the ACT composite score. ACT Writing score is not considered in the composite score.

What is your grade if you get 20 math questions correct out of 35 math questions?

-- Your score is 57 percent.-- Your grade depends on whatever the teacher decides is the grade for 57 percent.-- Personally, I can't imagine a teacher awarding a passing grade for a score of 57 percent.