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12 metres/minute

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Q: What is the average speed for 50 meters in 250 seconds?
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If she ran 250 metes i 30 seconds what is your average speed?

Just divide by 30 to get m/s. Her average was 8 1/3 meters per second.

If you ran 250 meters in 30 seconds what is your average speed?

-- 8 and 1/3 meters per second -- 250 meters per half-minute -- 500 meters per minute -- 30 kilometers per hour -- 720 kilometers per day -- 10,080 kilometers per fortnight

What is the average speed for a wasp?

The average speed of a wasp is 2.5 meters per second. The wasp beats its wings an average of 250 times per second.

If you drove 250 meters in 5 seconds How fast are you going in km per hr?

First divide distance / time, to get speed. Since the speed is in meters/second, you have to multiply by 3.6 to convert to km/hour.

How long to walk 250 meters?

About 4 minutes 20 seconds at the average human walking speed of 9km/h

Turning 250 miles per hour into meters per seconds?

250 mph = 111.76 meters per second

What is the speed of a sound wave that has a wavelenght of 102 meters and a frequency of 250hz?

speed = wavelength * frequency wavelength = 102 meters frequency = 250 Hz = 250 cycles/second 102 * 250 = 25500 meters/second

A ball starts at rest accelerates uniformly and travels 250m in 5 seconds What is the final velocity and the acceleration of the ball?

Average speed = (250 / 5) = 50 meters per second.Initial speed = 0Final speed = 100 m/sAcceleration = (100 / 5) = 20 m/s2===> Must be a rocket-propelled ball; its acceleration is 2G !

How far did James travel if he went 250 meters in 50 seconds in day on day one. What would be his speed if he caught a cramp slowed down his running rate 25 seconds on the second day.?

s=d/t s=250/50 s=5m/s s=d/t s=250/75 s=3.3m/s

What is the speed of sound wave that has a wavelength of 1.2 meters and a frequency of 250?


What will a 50 meters per second arrow speed be after 5 seconds?

Trick question. Unless there's friction given or an impact event, the velocity would be the same. It will have travelled 250 meters, which is pretty slow for an arrow. It'd be on the floor realistically.

A shuttlecock travels 750 cm in 3 seconds. What is the speed of the shuttlecock cm/s?