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Q: What is the average speed of a horse that sprints 100 meters in 4 seconds?
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How fast is a throughbred race horse?

Thoroughbreds run at an average 35-45 MPH, though some have been clocked at 50mph in sprints.

What is the speed of a horse that runs 2000 meters in 122 seconds?

16.39 metres/second

What was the fastest horse?

The Quarter Horse is fastest for sprints. They race a quarter-mile. Thoroughbreds are fastest for anything longer than that. Arabians are best for endurance. The fastest mile for a horse was around 1 minute, 35 seconds. This record was set by the TB racehorse Salvador.

If a horse runs 25 meters in 3 seconds what is the speed?

30 kph or 18.64 mph.

What is the top speed for a horse?

34mph is the average for most horses. 45 is more like the speed of racehorses and Quarter horses can reach 55 miles an hour for short sprints

Time for a quarter horse to reach their maximuim speed?

About 2-3 seconds. Its about that many strides, 2-3. They can't go the distance like a Thoroughbred but they are unbeatable for sprints. And they accelerate incrediably fast. They truly are 'nature's race car'.

What sporting events were held at the ancient Greek Olympics?

They had: Horse Racing (Chariots) Discus Javelin Boxing Wrestling Sprints Gladiator

What is the average size of the horse?

The average size of horses is 56-72 inches tall and weigh from 840 pounds to 2,200 pounds.

Are thorough breds the fastest horse?

Yes they are at long distances (derby) But quarter horses are the fastest horses at 1/4 mile sprints.

What is the duration of The Year of the Horse?

The duration of The Year of the Horse is 3600.0 seconds.

A horse or a car accelerates fastest from a standing start?

A car of course. A car can accelerate 0-60 km in 6 seconds in average. Moreover it's a machine. A horse is an animal. There is no way u can beat a car by a horse. for the first few yards the horse is faster

How many meters in a horse hand?

A horse hand is 4 inches