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54 miles per hour



1 hr and 20 minutes = 1 and 20/60 hours = 1 1/3 hours = 4/3 hours

72 miles travelled in 4/3 hours

therefore divide 72 by 4/3 to see how far travelled in 1 hour

72 / (4/3) = 72 * (3/4) = 54 miles in 1 hour

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Q: What is the average velocity of the car in miles per hour over the whole distance if it traveled 72 miles in 1 hour and 20 minutes?
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How do you find the average velocity in ms of a bicycle that starts 150 meters north of town and is 1200 meters north of town in 30.0 minutes?

You divide the distance traveled by the time.

What will be the distance traveled by a car after 90 minutes?

It depends upon the speed or velocity of the car for e.g. if speed is 100km/min then Distance = speed X time i.e. D= 100X90= 9000km

What is the average velocity in mph of 2.5 miles ran in 15 minutes?

Average speed = Distance/Time = 2.5 miles/15 minutes = 10 miles per hour

A car travels a distance of 60 km in 45 minutes time what is its average speed?

distance traveled=60 km.time =45 minutes=45/60 hrs=0.75 hrsthen speed =distance traveled/total time=60/ 0.75 km/hr=80 km/hr

How far have you traveled if you go mph for minutes?

distance (s) = velocity (v) x time (t). If you travel v mph for t minutes you travel v x t/60 miles

What is the velocity of a car that traveled a total of 75 kilometers in 1.5 hours?

With the information given, it's not possible to calculate what it is now. But during that 90 minutes, its average velocity was 50 kph north.

What is your initial velocity if you traveled 25 miles in 2 minutes and your final velocity is 0 mile per hour?

If you traveled 25 miles in 2 minutes, your average speed was 25 miles per 2 minutes or 750 miles per hour. If your rate of deceleration was constant, your initial speed was two times 750 miles per hour or 1500 mph. I do not have enough information to determine your initial velocity because I don't know what direction you were going, and velocity is speed with direction.

At 120kph what distance is traveled in 45 minutes in km?


You ran a mile in 12 minutes What is the distance you traveled?

1 mile.

What is the velocity of a bike that traveled four kilometers in forty five minutes?

The bike's average speed during that time was 51/3 kilometers per hour.There's no way to determine its velocity, because the question doesn't giveany information about the bike's direction ... a necessary part of velocity.

What distance is traveled in 15 mins at 72km per hour?

1 hour = 60 minutes 60/15 = 4, or 15 = 1/4 of 60 If distance traveled in 60 minutes = 72km, then in 1/4 that time, you traveled 1/4 of that distance 72/4 = 18km

How many miles does it take in 12 minutes at 35 mph?

35 miles in 1 hour or 60 minutes 12 minutes is 1/5th of an hour so in 12 minutes the distance traveled should also be 1/5th of the distance traveled in 60 minutes which is 7 miles