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About 185 for 1, So total around 370

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Q: What is the ballpark figure on a cavity filling for 2 teeth?
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Will your teeth hurt after filling a cavity?

how to help stop the pain in teeth after a cavity has been filled? ^wow that was a dumb@ss answer

What is the ballpark total figure for a new patient exam and cavity fillings for to teeth?

It depends on if they take full X-rays or not, but a new patient exam usually costs around $150; Filling costs vary also, as there are different kinds of fillings; They're usually around $100/ea.

What are the signs that people need a filling?

for teeth if you have a bad cavity or if you are missing some of your tooth

What is the filling in teeth?

I don't really know what they're made out of but i DO know that you only have to get them if you get a cavity or something

I have a cavity between my front two teeth what is the best solution and how much will it cost?

The best thing to do is get a filling. This will prevent further decay, which is what a cavity is, in the tooth. Since it is in your front teeth, it will most likely be a superficial filling with minimal drilling, so there is nothing to worry about. A normal price for a filling without insurance usually costs $150-$175. Get that cavity out as soon as possible!

What else can you do on a cavity tooth other than filling and taking out the tooth?

Yes there is, but it depends on the cavity, I once had a little cavity and they just sealed my teeth, if you get a big or spread cavity then you pretty much have no option, but anyway it doesn't hurt that much they once pulled one of my teeth when I was seven. I hope you enjoy and found this answer helpful.

Should dental sealant be put over a cavity?

If the tooth has decay diagnosed by a dentist, a sealant is not recommended. A cavity needs to be treated with a filling or a crown. Ask your dentist. Sealants should only be placed on teeth that are cavity-free.

What is black teeth by the gums?

Usually when there is blackness on your teeth it means there is a cavity (decay) and you should get a filling. Occasionally people can build up very dark stains and just need their teeth cleaned by a Dental Hygienist.

What mineral is used as filling in teeth?

Gold and Silver is used for filling in teeth.

What cavity are teeth located in?

The teeth are located in the oral cavity ( the Latin terminology is stomodeum).

Do you have to get a needle if you get a filling for your teeth?

No. However, depending on how deep the cavity is, the procedure can be quite painful. The pain involved can far exceed that of the injection of a local anesthetic.

Why does cavities continue to grow after a filling.?

1. It could be a new cavity. If you are still doing things that are bad for your teeth, there's no reason you won't get a cavity in that tooth again. 2. There could be a hole in the filling (even a tiny one that you can't see), where it is easy for bacteria to get in a make a new cavity. 3. Your dentist didn't remove all of the decay.

What major cavity in the body are your teeth in?

The oral cavity

What happens if you have a cavity filled and have a retainer will the retainer still fit properly?

Yes, the retainer will still fit properly. The filling fills a hole on the inside of the tooth, and the retainer covers the outside of the teeth so the cavity is not affected.

Do dentists drill teeth on the first filling?

dentist do drill teeth on the first filling to get rid of it.

What cavity are the teeth and tongue found in?

The cavity is known as the mouth.

Can you get your front teeth filled?

Depending on which tooth surface, the size of the cavity, the depth of the cavity, and whether the tooth can be saved, yes it is possible sometimes to have front teeth filled rather than pulled. If the filling can be done but you also have pain, they might be able to do a root canal. If the tooth is broken, it may be easier to do a cap.

What is difference between filling and tempory filling?

a temporary filling is somthing you will have put into your baby teeth and when your baby teeth fall out and you get a hole in the adult tooth they will replace the filling with a metal one and num it with a needle

What is a hole in your teeth called?

A cavity.

The hole in your teeth is called?

A cavity.

A what can desrtoty the teeth?

the enamel or the cavity

How do you fill a cavity in your permanent teeth?

Tooth cavities are filled with amalgam, which is a mixture of metals, or composite, a silica-containing plastic resin. After anaesthetic is administered, the dentist will drill away the decayed part of the tooth, and then fill the cavity with whichever filling has been chosen.

What mineral is in the filling in the teeth?


Why is the filling in your teeth coming out?

i ment to put why is the feilling my "MY" TEETH COMING OUT

What is the hard white cover on your teeth?