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7 groups of ten

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Q: What is the base-ten shorthand for 79?
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What is Gold's shorthand symbol?

Au - the 79th element (has 79 protons)

What model do you get if you take away 10 blocks and leave 1 block in its place in the model 138 with baseten blocks?


What does shorthand look like?

it is a shorthand

How do you write happy birthday in gregg shorthand?

Happy Birthday in Shorthand

What is the shorthand for an angry face?

the shorthand for a angry face :@

What are the problems encountered in teaching typewriting and shorthand in secondary schools?

shorthand in secondary school is very hard to do but as for secretary have learnt to do shorthand

What is the shorthand for q and a?

Q&A is already shorthand for "question and answer."

What is the shorthand for a crying face?

the shorthand for a crying face :'( Also, ='[ and ='( and :'[

What is the shorthand symbol for 'of'?

The only shorthand symbol I can think of for 'of' is o/.

What does a triangle stand for in shorthand?

The triangle in shorthand means "therefore"

When was Duployan shorthand created?

Duployan shorthand was created in 1868.

When was Pitman shorthand created?

Pitman shorthand was created in 1837.

When was Simson Shorthand created?

Simson Shorthand was created in 1881.

What is the shorthand way of writing the names of the elements?

An element's shorthand is its chemical symbol.

What is the shorthand symbol for after?

Nursing shorthand symbol for after is the letter p with a line over it.

What has the author Jane B Friedlin written?

Jane B. Friedlin has written: 'Stenospeed shorthand' -- subject(s): Shorthand, Stenospeed 'Stenospeed, ABC shorthand' -- subject(s): Shorthand

How do you write sentence in shorthand i am good?

Shorthand uses symbols that are unavailable.

What is the Shorthand notation for tungsten?

W this is the chemical symbol and is acceptable as a shorthand answer

What is the average shorthand speed per minute?

What is the average shorthand speed?

What is the shorthand for a crying face on facebook chat?

:'( is the shorthand for crying face.

What is the shorthand electron configuration for thallium?

The shorthand electron configuration for thallium is [Xe]4f14.5d10.6s2.6p1.

How are diploid cells represented in shorthand?

diploid cells represented in shorthand

What has the author Clarence Chrisman written?

Clarence Chrisman has written: 'New century shorthand' -- subject(s): Shorthand 'New century shorthand' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Chrisman, Shorthand

Shorthand way to write a compound?

The shorthand way of writing compounds is the way that is normally done. This shorthand way is just using the symbols for the elements in the compound.

What do you call someone who takes shorthand?

Someone who takes shorthand is called "Stenographer".