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It is a rectangle.

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Q: What is the base and of a rectangular pyramid?
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What do you call a pyramid with a rectangular base?

A rectangular pyramid.

What is the shape of the base of a rectangular pyramid?

the shape of the base of a rectangular pyramid is a rectangle.

Does a triangular pyramid or a rectangular pyramid have a square base?

Neither a triangular nor a rectangular pyramid has a square base. A square pyramid has a square base.

Does a cone and a pyramid have rectangular base?

A cone has a circular base while a pyramid has a square (rectangular) base.

What is a rectangular pyramid?

A pyramid with a rectangular base coming up to an apex.

What is a figure with four faces that are triangles and rectangle base?

In trigonometry, we call it a rectangular pyramid.

How did the rectangular pyramid get its name?

The rectangular pyramid got its name through its base, a rectangle.

How is a triangular and a rectangular pyramid different?

The difference in a triangular and rectangular pyramid only has to do with the base of the pyramid, which in turn decide how many sides the pyramid will have. A triangular pyramid has a base shaped like a triangle, which ends up having a total of 4 sides (including the base itself). A rectangular pyramid has a rectangular base, which ends up having a total of 5 sides (including the base itself).

What part of a right rectangular pyramid is the length?

The longer of the sides forming the rectangular base of the pyramid.

Can a pyramid have a rectangular base?


What base does a rectangular pyramid have?

A rectangle

Does a rectangular pyramid has 4 triangular faces?

Yes, a rectangular pyramid is made of four triangular faces and a rectangular base.