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Q: What is the base of a feather called?
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How do feather stars move?

Some can swim by undulating movements of the arms. Feather stars creep about by means of projections at the base of the crown, called cirri, which can grasp bottom objects.Source:

What is the rib or shaft of a feather?

A feather has a main shaft, called the rachis.

The Egyptian feather ma'at comes from what bird?

It is believed to be a ostrich feather; but it is mostly now called the Ma'at feather.

The traditional shuttlecock base was made of this material?

Hen Feather.

How do you tell the different sex when both your ducks are white?

Sometimes it is hard to tell but the male will have a funny curling feather on its tail. It curves down on the tail close to the body close to the top of the base of the tail. This is called the sex feather. If it has it, its a boy.

What are the feathers on a turkey called?

The feather is called a beard

What feathers give birds their streamlined shape and coloring?

A feather called a contuor feather

What is sponge bobs club the feather buddies or the feather friends?

It's called the feather friends, they wanted feather buddies but it was already taken. They said they hope the feather buddies don't meet up with them in a dark alley!

What is a stiff hard feather called?


What is a pen called with a feather in it?

quill pen

What is the scientific name for feathers?

The scientific name for a feather is a feather. however the feathers on a bird are called its "plumage".

Who wrote the book called feather?

theres a book called Sea Feather which is an Avon Camelot Book and there is also a book with a dad that raises a daughter named feather which is called The First Part Last by Angela Johnson... i hope one of these are the books you are talking about