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60 inches.

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5 metres

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Q: What is the best estimate for the length of a teacher's desk?
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Related questions

About how tall is a teachers desk?

the best estimate for this would probaly be 1 meter not 3 feet at all becaus emy teacher said 1 meter is the height of a normal sized desk:)

What is a good estimate for the length of a desk 1 yard or 12 inches?

1 yard.

What is a classroom desk in French?

the teachers desk is le bureau and the students desk is le pupitre!!:)

What is behind the teachers desk?

mt teachers their is her purse and her lunch and are art

What does The Teachers Desk do?

The Teachers Desk is an organization that provides free supplies to schools and students in the United States and aims to encourage students and teachers. One can find more details on their official website.

What is the possessive form for teacher?

The possessive form of the singular noun teacher is teacher's.Example: I put my homework on the teacher's desk.

Dana estimates that her desk is 80 centimeters but the actual length is 65 far off was her estimate?

80 - 65 = 15 centimetres.

Where can one find more information about teachers' desk?

A website called '2care2teach4kids' has a complete guide for teachers on various topics like 'teachers desk', all the tools you need, controlling your students and much more.

What is the best estimate for the height of a desk meter or kilometer?

The best measure to use is the meter. A kilometer would be well beyond the height of a desk or house.

What is the length of a desk?


What is a length of a desk?

It depends on what type of desk it could be any size.

Where to get a cheet sheet on algebra?

teachers desk

What is the length of a teacher's desk?

There is no set length.

What is the area of a desk?

You need to know the length and width of the desk before you can determine the area. Multiply the length by the width to get your answer (length x width = area).

Is a desk one centimeter long?

No, a centimetre is approx. the length of your thumb nail. A desk is more likely to be about a metre in length.

What is the use for a teachers desk?

The use for a teacher's desk is to hold papers, paperclips, markers ect. Think of it this way, if a student has a desk, why shouldn't a teacher?

How do I know which length usb cable will work best?

You will want to make sure you have enough cable length to comfortably reposition your electronic item on your desk or workspace. Ideally, you will have just a bit too much cable for this purpose, but not enough to leave it coiled messily on your desk.

What does un burรณ mean in English?

a teachers desk

Where can you find an answer sheet from Mcdonald publishing?

no where the teachers desk

How do you say teachers desk in spanish?

If you want to say the teacher's desk in spanish you would say el escritorio.

What is desk in French?

'bureau' is for a teachers desk.but if you want a student's desk you call it 'pupitre'

What does Mi pupitre esta al lado del escritorio del profesor mean?

My desk is next to the teachers desk.

What are three things or places in a classroom where you would find a lot of bacteria?

a teachers desk,a students desk, and a students chair

What are some uses for sandstone?

teachers desk desighners fountain

What is the width of a school desk?

The standard width of a school desk is 36 inches. Such a desk will also have an average length of 22 inches.

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