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it really doesnt matter your height. it just depends on what you fee comfortable with. if your looking for something where you just cruise around with the ocasional hill, look for between 35-40 inches. from personal experience thats the best combination of stability and quickness and best response.

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Q: What is the best length longboard for 5'3?
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What are the best waves to ride a longboard on?

You can use a longboard on any type of wave but gently breaking waves are best.

which type of sliding longboard is best for skating?

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard. Playshion Drop Through Longboard Cruiser. Magneto Bamboo Longboards. JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard. Slendor Longboard 42 inch Drop Through. Landyachtz Switch Longboard Complete and Colors.

What is the best cruising longboard?

there is no best longboard for anything there just different but a good crusing board must be quiet smooth and easy to push.

What is the best longboard wheel?

sector 7

What are the best longboard bushings?

setor 9

What are the best longboard wheels you can buy?

Chicken nuts

What are the best spots for longboard surfing?

If you want to try longboard surfing you should go to First Point, Malibu, California. Makaha in Oahu, Hawaii is also a popular place. Cardiff in California is known as one of the best places for longboard surfing.

What is the best sector 9 longboard?

There is no best or worst Sector 9 longboard, or any longboard for that matter. This answer is all about preference and riding style. If you are into downhill the best board will be different from someone into carving. I am personally into downhill and I like the new Sector 9 Downhill Division boards, they are really nice.

If you slided on a longboard What is the best wheels for it?

purple orangutans are good

How long is 53 in length?

53 is about two numbers in length. The exact length will depend on the font and font size. If that's not what you had in mind, then you need to let us know what that number 53 represents.. 53 strips of bacon, 53 of a unit of measurement, whatever.

Is Hawaii good for longboarding?

Surfing- on the longboard- was created in Hawaii. It is the best.

Is Landyachtz a relatively good longboard brand?

there not the best, but they are pretty reliable