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Q: What is the best move for damath radicals?
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What is the best move in damath?

first move the chip 6 anywhere

Damath board picture?

image of damath board

What are the numbers of chip on sci damath?

damath chips

What are the kinds of damath games?

The kinds of damath games are integer, rational, radical and polynomial damath. Damath is an educational board game and it comes from the word 'dama' and 'Mathematics'.

What is the history of damath?

damath is a kind of game that people loves to play jus t like chess . . . .. .

How do you make a damath board?

To make a damath board...etc etc...

History of damath?

the place where history of Damath starts is in bicol region at sorsogon city

Can you see the picture of damath board?

yes i want to see the picture of damath board

How is damath played?

== == How to ply damath? 1.You must know the rules of playing damath game.( SELECT KIND OF GAME)2. Prepare score sheets to be filled up by both players.3. Start the game by tossing a coin.4. Observe time management.5. Observe the rules until the end of the game. RULES OF THE SCI-DAMATH 1. Toss a coin to decide who move first. 2. The two players alternately take turn in moving a piece. ( Pass is not allowed) 3. Touch move shall be observed in the game. A player who touches a chip is required to move unless it is illegal to do so. 4. After making a move, a player shall record his move in one score sheet. 5. Only one score sheet will be used by the players in a game. 6. Each player is only allowed one minute to move including the recording . Except in takes or captured.

Picture of damath?


What is Damath?

Damath is a board game that is closely similar to chess that is now being popular and used as an educational sport. Damath is a combination word of 'dama' and 'mathematics' and invented by a Filipino teacher named Jesus L. Huenda.

Sci damath board?