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Q: What is the best statement for transitive property?
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Which property is illustrated by the following statement if zxy fde and fde cab then zxy cab?

transitive property

How is the Transitive Property of Parallel Lines similar to the Transitive Property of Congruence?

If A ~ B and B ~ C then A ~ C. The above statement is true is you substitute "is parallel to" for ~ or if you substitute "is congruent to" for ~.

Which property is illustrated by the following statement if ABC is congruent to def and def to xyz then ABC is congruent to xyz?


Definition of conditional statement in geometry?

A conditional statement is much like the transitive property in geometry, meaning if: P>Q and ~N>P then you can conclude: if ~N>Q

Which statement illustrates the transitive property for congruence of triangles?

The answer is Triangle KLM ~Triangle KLM on apex..

What property states if a equals b and b equals c then a equals c?

Transitive PropertyThat's called the transitive property.

What are properties of algebraic inequalities?

substitution property transitive property subtraction property addition property

Can the transitive property be used for angles?


what- WXY UXA?

Transitive Property of Similarity

Does the transitive property apply for the law of sines?

No, it does not.

If abc is congruent to def and mno is congruent to pqr then is abc congruent to pqr by the transitive property?

True, ABC is congruent to PQR by the transitive property.

What is transitive property of congruence?

The transitive property is if angle A is congruent to angle B and angle B is congruent to angle C, then angle A is congruent to angle C.