What is the best wing shape?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Delta wings and sweep back wings are preferred respectively.

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Q: What is the best wing shape?
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Is a butterfly picture a symmetrical shape?

Generally speaking, one wing of a "normal" butterfly is the same as the other, only it appears as the "reverse" or "reflection" of the first wing. That makes the shape symmetrical, and in that light, yes, a butterfly with its wings spread is a symmetrical shape.

Does the shape of a plane wing affect the flight?

Yes, wing shape is important for several reasons: If the shape is wrong, then the air flow will peel loose from the wing's upper surface. If this happens, then the air flow becomes turbulent, and the wing can no longer deflect the air. This is called "STALL." So the shape of the wing is important in preventing stall. If a wing was flat like a board, it would work fine as long as it wasn't tilted. If tilted, the air flow peels loose from the leading edge, and Stall is created. But it MUST be tilted in order to create lift. The solution is simple: make the leading edge round, and the trailing edge sharp. An airfoil must be shaped like a streamlined teardrop. That way it can be tilted, and the air still flows smoothly around the leading edge. Stall is prevented. To deflect air and provide lift, the trailing edge of the wing must tilt down. We could tilt the whole wing. But if the wing angle is too steep, the air flow will not follow the wing surface. The wing will "stall." But when flying slowly, less air gets deflected, so the wing must be tilted more. Doesn't this mean that large heavy airplanes can't fly? Would their wings tilt too much, then stall? No, because wings can have an arch shape or cup shape. If a wing is humped up in the center, then it will smoothly deflect air, and stalls are prevented. This shape is called "airfoil camber." A heavy slow plane needs a highly cambered wing. A fast small plane needs a wing which is almost flat. The side view of airplane wings looks like a bent teardrop shape, with a round front and a sharp back. WARNING: some people will tell you that a wing must be curved on top and flat on the bottom. This is wrong. The curves don't matter at all. Instead, the front edge of a wing must be round, and the wing must be cambered (curved.) Some high-lift wings are so cambered that the bottom is not flat at all, instead it arches inwards.

What did the pianoforte look like?

It had very much the same shape as a standard harpsichord, the standard wing shape with the straight side to the left and the bent side to the right.

What parts of a plane help to maintain its lift?

Bernoulli's Principal is as the speed of a fluid (liquid or gad) increases the pressure of the fluid decreases. The shape of an airplane wing causes the air to move faster over the top of the wing, thus lifting the wing up.

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