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Q: What is the biggest ever win in rugby?
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What is arsenal's biggest ever win?

Arsenal's biggest ever win is Arsenal 12-0 Ashford United

What is the biggest win in a rugby league team?

Lebanon 86 - Italy 0

Biiggest rugby player?

te biggest rugby player that ever played was jonah lomu for the all blacks

What is the biggest win in a rugby union match?

142 nil Australia vs namibia

What is new zealand rugby union team biggest win?

The highest win was in 1995 All blacks 145 - japan 17

Did the french rugby team ever win the rugby world cup?

Not as yet but they have been runners up in 1987 and 1999

Did the Italy rugby team ever win a granslam?

Not as of 2011 season they haven't

What was the biggest win ever in the french league?

The biggest ever win in the French league is when Sochaux beat Valenciennes by 12 goals to 1 in the 1935/1936 season.

What is the biggest competition for rugby?

The Rugby world Cup

What is the biggest rugby cOMPETION?

The Rugby World Cup

What year did Italy win the RUGBY world cup?

Italy join the Six Nations Championship in 2000

What is the biggest win Manchester United ever?

9-0 against Ipswich.