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The Moster Hunter Freedom community has a connection to each other due to be seing Rathalos in all versions of Monster Hunter.In Monster Hunter 1 and so on,MH Freedom 1 and so on,MHF unite,MH G 1 and so on,all of them,I know that Lao-Shan-Lung is the biggest.But in the MH Portble versions,Jhen Mohran is the largest.

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Q: What is the biggest monster in monster hunter?
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How do you slay in monster hunter freedom?

slaying in Monster Hunter (MH) means you kill the boss/biggest/required monster in the quest using your weapon. after that, you can "carve" for its parts by pressing "O"

What main website is monster hunter on?

monster hunter wiki

What is the latest monster hunter game?

that would be Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on PSP and Monster Hunter Tri on Wii.

How does one become a monster hunter?

No one in the world can sensibly be a monster hunter as monsters aren't real. However, there is a video game called 'Monster Hunter' and it is popular and one can become a monster hunter through there.

What are all the monsters in monster hunter tri?

You can get that and more on the monster hunter wiki

Is any going to answer monster hunter questions?

I will answer any monster hunter questions you have :)

How do you get invicibility in monster hunter freedom?

There is no way to get invincibility in Monster Hunter Freedom.

When did Monster Hunter Tri happen?

Monster Hunter Tri happened in 2009.

When did Monster Hunter Freedom happen?

Monster Hunter Freedom happened in 2005.

When did Monster Hunter Frontier happen?

Monster Hunter Frontier happened in 2007.

Is monster hunter 3 unite the same as monster hunter 2g?


Is Monster Hunter 2 out in America?

Monster Hunter 2 and a newer game, monster hunter freedom unite, have both been released in America.