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The biggest number that goes into a set of numbers EVENLY is the Greatest Common Factor of the set of numbers.

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2010-10-28 14:40:00
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Q: What is the biggest number that goes into a set of numbers?
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What is the range of a set of numbers?

The biggest number in the set minus the smallest one.

What is the set that goes on forever in rational number called?

It is the set of rational numbers.

How is the median value of a data set used in healthcare?

The number that is not the smallest or the biggest in a set of numbers.

Why is 99 the biggest number on a jersey in the NFL?

because the size of the numbers are set

What is the biggest number minus the smallest number called?

With two numbers, it's called the difference. With a set of numbers, it's called the range.

What does maximum describe in mathematics?

The word maximum in mathematics describes the biggest number in a set of numbers or data. For example 10,8,5,2,60,9,3,1. The maximum set of numbers is 60.

How many whole numbers are there in all?

The sequence of whole numbers goes on and on and on - there is no last whole number. The set of whole numbers is thus infinite.

What set of numbers does -14 belong to?

There are many sets of numbers -14 belongs to:set of negative integersset of rational numbersset of real numbersset of complex numbers, which is the biggest known number set

What is the definition of maximum in regards to math?

The definition of maximum in regards of math is the biggest number in the set of numbers / data.Example:If you have the numbers 10,5,8,2,60,9,3,and 1 the maximum in this set of numbers/data is 60. How? It is 60 because in the set of numbers/data it is the highest number in the set.The word maximum in maths means the most or limit.

What is the minimum of any numbers?

If they are all positive, then it is the smallest of the set of numbers. If any of them are negative, it is the most negative = the biggest number with a negative sign before it.

Mean of a set of number?

Mean is the same as average. To get the mean of a set of numbers: First, you add up all the numbers. Second, you divide by the number of numbers in the set. Total of all the numbers/Number of numbers in the set

What is the relationship between whole numbers integers natural numbers and rational numbers?

Whole numbers are usually defined as the number 0,1,2,3,4,5,6.... where "...." means it goes on forever. These are the natural numbers with the number 0 added to them. So the natural numbers are 1,2,3,4,5,6...The integers are all the whole number and all the negatives of the natural numbers....-4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4...So every whole number is an integer.Every natural number is an integer.Every integer is NOT a whole number. ( look at -2)Every integer is NOT a natural number. ( look at -3)The set of integers contains the set of natural numbers and contains the set of whole numbers.The set of whole numbers contains the set of natural numbers.

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