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a tennis racket is bigger than a squash and Badminton racket.

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Q: What is the biggest racket?
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What is the biggest difference between badminton and other racket sports?

it does not use a ball

How do parents feel about rock and roll?

its a racket its a racket its a racket

How many strings are in a tennis racket?

It depend on the kind of racket it is if it is a over size racket it has more string then a normal racket.

What is Shaft of the badminton racket?

the shaft of the badminton racket is the long bit to generate the whip action of the racket.

What is racket?

a racket it what you use to play a game

What is a prestrung tennis racket?

A racket you buy in a store that already has strings. So you can pick it up and immediately start playing with it.

How do you make a badminton racket?

how can i make a badaminton racket

What is the duration of The Racket?

The duration of The Racket is 1.4 hours.

What the Weight of badminton rocket?

depends if you get an adult racket, kid racket, or youth racket... idk if this answers your question

What are parts of a badminton racket and shuttle cock?

what are the parts of a racket

A game in which a racket is used?

tennis. you hit the ball with a racket

Why is the badminton racket is higher than other racket sports?

do you know yourself?,

Is it a ping pong bat or racket?

The official name is racket.

When was War Is a Racket created?

War Is a Racket was created in 1935.

When did Racket Attack happen?

Racket Attack happened in 1988.

When was The Racket created?

The Racket was created on 1928-11-01.

When was Racket Girls created?

Racket Girls was created in 1951.

When was The Woman Racket created?

The Woman Racket was created in 1930.

When was The Big Racket created?

The Big Racket was created in 1976.

Which is bigger-a tennis racket or a racquetball racket?

The tennis racket is much longer and heavier than a racqetball racket as the handle is much shorter. But today, even the size of the head of the tennis racket is also usually larger than that of the racquetball racket, which is more standardized at around 107 sq. ins. Tennis racket heads vary greatly in size; but some are great than 130 sq ins.

What rhymes with jacket?

Racket, bracket, smack it,Packet, Racket, Hatchet.lack it, pack it ,tack itRacket?

What is a different between a light tennis racket and a heavy tennis racket?

Yes, the weight. The lighter the tennis racket, the lighter you hit the ball. The heavier racket can hit harder shots.

What are the release dates for Racket Squad - 1950 The Bill of Sale Racket 2-13?

Racket Squad - 1950 The Bill of Sale Racket 2-13 was released on: USA: 29 November 1951

I am getting better at tennis and need tighter tention of strings my racket is all right but I am considering getting a better racket or just getting it restrung which should I do?

Changing a racket takes a few weeks to get used to. If you like your racket and you feel comfortable playing with it, then I consider just changing the strings. If you don't feel comfortable with your racket and you feel that you can do better with another one then just get a new racket altogether. It really just depends on your racket and if it feels comfortable to use.

What is the simple subject in the sentence Hold your racket with a firm grip?

Your racket