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"Rising in the desert of Dubai is Dubailand, a theme park complex of immense scale that its creators hope will catapult the city into one of the top five tourist destinations in the world.

The city-state of Dubai, often called the "Las Vegas of the Middle East," also hopes to become the region's answer to Orlando, Florida.

By 2012, the Dubailand complex, a landmass roughly the size of Orlando itself, is set to be home to a crop of major theme parks. Six Flags, Universal Studios, Dreamworks, Marvel and Legoland will all open Dubailand outlets, their first in the Arab world. Universal Studios Dubailand will be the first to open in 2010.

As a business proposition, Dubailand is a massive real estate project that combines hotel, entertainment, residential and retail subdivisions."

but this isn't bad either

"ABU DHABI: There are plenty of theme parks that take their inspiration from cartoon characters, superheroes and even horror movies. But not until this month has there been one dedicated to a sports car manufacturer. The iconic Ferrari brand is first off the grid.

With a 200,000-square-meter (2.1-million-sq. feet) roof painted Ferrari red and a roller coaster that will be the world's fastest at 240 kph (149 mph), Ferrari World is aiming to woo Formula One fans and their amusement park-loving families when it opens Oct. 27. It will be just down the road from the Yas Marina Circuit which hosts the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November in the United Arab Emirates capital.

The park will also feature a tower ride that shoots riders 62 meters (203 feet) in the air with G-forces that a race driver might feel, the largest collection of classic and modern Ferrari race cars outside of the company's Maranello, Italy, headquarters as well as an Italian restaurant inspired by Mamma Rossella, which is a favorite haunt of Ferrari drivers when they are in Italy."

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