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The largest wave ever recorded was the Lituya Mega-Tsunami and it reached 1720 ft.

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Q: What is the biggest tidal wave ever recorded?
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How tall is a tidal wave?

a tidal wave can vary, but is aprox. 25m the biggest is 524m

What was the highest tidalwave?

The highest tidal wave ever recorded was 1,720 feet tall, and occurred in 1958 in Alaska.

What height was the biggest wave ever surfed on record?

The record for the biggest wave ever surfed was recorded at 100 feet. This amazing feat was accomplished by Garrett McNamara, who did so in January 2013,

What was the biggest tidal wave in history?

In 1958 a 1729 foot tall tidal ave hit Alaska

Has Barbados ever been struck by a tidal wave?


What is the biggest wave ever recorded?

Currently, the tallest recorded wave was located in Lituya Bay, Alaska and measured 1720 feet tall. There have been many waves that have come close, but this is the largest.

What is another name for tidal wave?

there is no other name for a tidal wave, just tidal wave

How high was the biggest wave?

The biggest wave ever was a tsunami 48 meters high.

Is a tidal wave a mechanical wave?

A tidal wave is a water wave so it is a mechanical wave.

Whats the biggest wave ever surfed?

The biggest wave ever surfed was around 80ft at a break called Nazare in Portugal.

What is the height of the largest wave on record?

The biggest wave ever recordedmeasures in at 1740ft or 530.352 metres

What starts a tidal wave?

The tidal wave starts by the moon

What was the height of the highest tidal wave to hit japan?

The biggest tsunami was 85meters[statue of liberty]

What was the strongest tsunami ever recorded?

You cannot define the strongest tsunami, since tsunami's are the result of earthquakes which have their own ranking. You can however rank the biggest tsunami's, the biggest tsunami ever recorded happened in 1958 in Lituya Bay, Alaska. The wave was approximately 1720 feet tall.

What was the largest wave ever recorded?

The largest wave ever recorded was 1,720 feet tall. It was in Lituya Bay near the Gulf of Mexico during a tsunami.

Is a tsunami a tidal wave?

The term tidal wave is often used to mean a tsunami. However, the term "tidal wave" has fallen out of favor because tsunamis have nothing to do with tides. The term tidal wave may also refer to a tidal bore, which is a wave that forms in some locations when the tide is rising.

How does a tidal wave start?

tidal wave starts by pressure in the oceans floor

Can a tidal wave kill you?

There is a 97% chance that you could get killed by a tidal wave.

What is an other name for tidal wave?

Another name for tidal wave is Tsunami.

When was Tanganyika Tidal Wave created?

Tanganyika Tidal Wave was created in 1989.

What is the height of the biggest tidal wave?

the height was 524m and took place in Lituya Bay, Alaska 1958

What is the highest wave ever recorded?

The highest wave ever recorded was a massive 1,720-foot (524.256m). It occured at Lituya Bay on the southern coast of Alaska in 1958.

What was the height of the highest sea wave?

132ft in 2004, gulf of Mexico during a hurricaneThe biggest wave ever recorded measures in at 1740 ft. surfersvillage.5.360 km High

How do you stop a tidal wave?

A tidal Wall

Where does tidal wave energy come from?

Tidal Wave energy comes from the tides of the moon.

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