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9-0 against Ipswich.

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Q: What is the biggest win Manchester United ever?
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What is the biggest Arsenal win against Manchester United?


What is arsenal's biggest ever win?

Arsenal's biggest ever win is Arsenal 12-0 Ashford United

What is Manchester uniteds biggest win?

The biggest win Manchester United have every won is 2-1 against Roma in the Champions League. but they did win 11-2 aganst Chelsea 2years ago ugh ive just been dumped :(

Who is going to win beşiktash or manchester united?

Manchester United

Who will win if Manchester United to play chealsea?

Manchester United.

What is Manchester cities biggest win?


How many goals did Manchester united get in there biggest win?

10-o against anderlecht or 12-1 against chealsea

What is the biggest prem away win?

The biggest away win in Premier League history is Manchester United's 8-1 victory against Nottingham Forest in February 1999.

How many cup Manchester United win over all?

Manchester united win fortyeight cup over all

Chelsea biggest win over Manchester United?

21 - 0 manu all look like bigs or either shrek

Today's game who will win Manchester United vs Everton?

Manchester United will win. I predict the game will end out 1 - 0.

In which month did Newcastle beat Manchester United then united went on to win the league in 1995?

Manchester United did not win the league in 1995 - Blackburn Rovers beat them to that.