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It depends how you want to encode it. Encoding as 8-bit ASCII (ISO/IEC/8859 or ISO-8859-1) it will be:


Note the 0x00 at the end is the null terminator. Total length is 11 bytes.

However, you will probably want to replace the lowercase 'i' with an uppercase 'I' (in all version of English, the singular first person noun 'I' is always capitalised), in which case the encoding would be:


Encoding as 16-bit UNICODE is the same except each byte is padded with 8 zero bits (0x00) and a BOM (byte-order mark) is inserted at the front to ensure correct interpretation. In big-endian notation, the binary value would be:


In little-endian notation, it would be:


Similarly with 32-bit UNICODE, padding with another 16 zero bits along with a 32-bit BOM:

32-bit big-endian:


32-bit little-endian:


There are many other ways to encode text. This is primarily due to the wide variety of character sets available to cater for foreign languages and other symbols. It is also possible to use compression encodings, cipher encodings and encrypted encodings. But in order to interpret these encodings correctly you would need to know precisely how it was encoded, in the same way a BOM tells the decoder how to correctly interpret the byte order.

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the binary code of seventeen is 10001

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Q: What is the binary code for seventeen?
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