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A base.

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Q: What is the bottom of a rectangular prism called?
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When the net is folded into the rectangular prism shown beside it which letters will be on the front and bottom of the rectangular prism?

The letter on the front will be W. The letter on the bottom will be X.

What is a rectangular prism having six congruent faces called?

A rectangular prism with 6 congruent faces is called a cube.

What a rectangular prism called?

It is called a cuboid.

How many verticles are in a rectangular prism?

A rectangular prism contains a total of 8 vertices. There are 4 vertices on the bottom and 4 vertices on the top.

What is a shape with 6 rectangular faces called?

A rectangular prism?

Does a rectangular prism has parallel sides?

yes it does, if it is a regular prism with the top and bottom the same size.

Can a square prism be called a rectangular prism?

I have never heard of a square prisim it is almost always called a rectangular prisim so yes.

How many faces does a oblique rectangular prism have?

an oblique rectangular prism has six sides. two for the top and bottom, and four for right and left/front and back.

What are the sides of a rectangular prism called?


How many faces does a rectangular prism have and what are they called?

A rectangular prism has: 6 faces 8 vertices (points) 12 edges

How did a rectangular prism get its name?

in the 120s the anceient lords declard that this very unusual shape shall be called rectangular prism

Can a cube be a rectangular prism?

A cube cannot be a rectangular prism, as the cross section of this prism would be a rectangle, as opposed to a square. A square prism (if that is what it is called) could be a cube, but is not necessarily.