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Q: What is the bullet drop Per hundred yards on a Remington 150 grain core?
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If you have a Remington 770 30-06 zeroed at 50 yards what is the bullet drop or rise at 100 300 and 750 yards the rounds are 150 grain Remington express pointed soft point core lokt?

For the 168 grain Core-Lokt, if you zero at 50 yards, you will hit 0.3" high at 100 yards, 13.4" low at 300 yards, and 157.9" low at 700 yards. 50 yards is a very close zero for a rifle. You might want to think about zeroing at something between 100 to 300 yards. If you zero at 200 yards, you will be 0.8" high at 50, 1.9" high at 100, 8.5" low at 300, and 146.4" low at 700. YMMV.

How much Will a 243 bullet drop at 300 yards?

Depends on the loading, and the zeroed range. An 80 grain bullet zeroed at 100 yards will be about 10.2 inches below the line of sight at 300.

How much does a 7.62 x 39mm 122 grain bullet fall 300 yards?

If the rifle is sighted in at 100 yards, at 300 yds the bullet will drop 24-25 inches below the aiming point.

What are the ballistics for a 140 grain 7mm magnum Winchester ballistic tip bullet?

The velocity for a 140 grain bullet is 3100 the muzzle,2996 at 50 yards,2894 at 100 yards,at 500 yards it's 2156.The foot pounds are 2988 ft/lbs. at the muzzle,2605 ft/lbs at 50 yards,2410 ft/lbs. at 100 yards and at 500 yards it's 1445 ft/lbs.

How far will a Stevens .30-06 shoot?

A 180 grain 30/06 bullet can go @ 5700 yards

How fast can a 50 calliber barret bullet travel in a hundred yards?

Faster than you can run.

How much will a 30-06 bullet drop at 300 yards?

A 30-06 bullet fired at typical velocities will drop around 8-10 inches at 300 yards depending on the specific load and ballistics. It's always recommended to verify with a ballistics calculator or actual shooting to get accurate results for your specific setup.

How far does a 223 bullet drop at 1000 yards?

There isn't enough info to give a correct answer. What grain bullet? What type of bullet? What is the initial velocity? How high are your sights about the bore axis? What range is your far zero?

What is the drop per hundred yards for a 55 grain 223 rifle bullet?

The drop is not a straight like, but a curve that increases as distance increases (a parabola) since speed is decreasing. Winchester has a ballistic calculation system on line that will let you plot the trajectory of a rifle bullet at different ranges. As asked, there is no way to answer.

What is the drop on a 180 grain bullet at 200 yards?

The drop of a 180 grain bullet at 200 yards depends on the muzzle velocity and ballistic coefficient of the specific ammunition being used. Generally, a 180 grain bullet fired from a typical hunting rifle with a muzzle velocity around 2,700 fps may drop around 5-7 inches at 200 yards when sighted in at 100 yards.

How far will a 30-06 bullet shoot?

i shot a buck last year at a little over 350 yards with my Remington model 700 30-06 it dropped in one shot im sure it can shoot farther than that accurately. 150 grain core lokd are the best

How much will a 243 drop at 300 yards?

Depends on the loading, and the zeroed range. An 80 grain bullet zeroed at 100 yards will be about 10.2 inches below the line of sight at 300.