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How large is the bucket? I would suggest pouring water in to find out.

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Q: What is the capacity to an ordinary bucket of water?
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What is the capacity of a bucket of water?

Starting from 8 lit upto 25 lit capacity buckets are available.

How many gallons needed to fill an ordinary bucket?

This question depends on the size of the bucket. "Ordinary" buckets come in many sizes.

How much does a 10 gallon bucket weigh filled to capacity with the density of water is 1.00 gram per milliliter how many pounds does the bucket weigh?

83.4 lbs - excluding the weight of the bucket !

Which is heavier an bucket of water or bucket of tennis balls?


What is the capacity of a bucket?

A normal bucket can hold up to 10 litres.

How should human Urine be cleaned off the floor?

An ordinary mop and bucket should suffice, as long as you put some bleach in the water.

What is the most precise measure for the capacity of a small bucket?

Weigh it empty (and dry please). Fill it with pure water and weigh it again (outside dry please). Subtract the first weight from the second weight. The difference in grams is the bucket capacity in milliliters or cc. The water can be at 4 degrees Celsius, or correct for the expansion of the water at any other temperature.

How do you put capacty in a sentence?

The bucket has a capacity of 10 litres.(Correct spelling is capacIty)

How do you ground a bucket of water?

poo in it how do you ground a bucket of water

How do you get a bucket of water on runescape?

get a bucket, go to a fountain or an other water spot, click on use bucket and click on the water.

What unit of capacity would you measure a bucket?


What is it the best estimate of the capacity of a bucket?

1 liter

What can hold a greater volume of water than a mug?

a bucket...

Would you cool a bucket of water faster by putting ice into water or a bucket of water into ice?

You would cool a bucket by putting ice into the water.

How much does a bucket of water weigh?

weight of the water + weight of the bucket

How do you precisely measure 6 liters of water if you only have one 4 liter bucket and one 9 liter bucket with a steady flow of water?

you use the 4 litre bucket to feel the 9 litre bucket then empty the 9 when it is full till you end up with 6 in it as follows you put 2 buckets of 4 into 9 then 1 litre from 4 to fill 9 then empty 9 put remaining 3 into 9 put 4 more in then 2 to fill 9 and empty put remaining 2 in then 4 more giving you 6 litres ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- My way: (Mechanical Engineering Student) Take the 9l bucket filled to capacity and use it to fill the 4l bucket twice leaving you with 1l remaining in the 9l bucket. Next, pour that 1l into the 4l bucket. Fill the 9l to capacity again. Using the 9l bucket fill the 4l bucket to capacity leaving you with 6l total in the 9l bucket.

What has the largest capacity a bottle of medicine a bath full of water or a bucket of cleaning fluid?

Assuming all three are relatively normal compared to each other (large bath, medium bucket and small bottle), then the bath will hold a good deal more fluid than either the bucket or the medicine bottle, and therefore has the largest capacity. However, if capacity is measured against the amount of fluid they already contain and they're all full, then they all have the same capacity: none at all.

A girl went to the well to get a bucket of water there was a hole in the bottom of the bucket but she made it home with water in the bucket how did she do it?

There was a bucket at the well that she picked up and used

What is it called when you you swing a bucket of water but the water stays in the bucket?

Well, if I am correct the water in the bucket stays in there because of inertia and centripetal force. The water wants to come out of the bucket but inertia prevents the water to come out of the bucket. That is all I know I don't know how centripetal force helps the water stay in the bucket though. Hoped this helped you a bit.

How many gallons of water is there in an average bucket?

There is about four gallons of water in an average bucket of water.

What is the meaning of Struck Capacity?

In general and easy terms, Struck Capacity is the capacity of material present in a bucket of any Excavating Equipment.

What is the capacity of a 9.7 liter bucket in mililietrs?

That is 9,700 ml.

What are examples of centripitel force?

roller coaster, when you put water in a bucket and swing the bucket in circles and the water will stay in the bucket

What would the capacity of a bucket of water for a horse be measured in?

Typically buckets used for water are measured in quarts and gallons. 4 quarts (qts) equals one gallon (GL).

How do you pick up water in minecraft?

Craft a bucket and Right-click on the water with the bucket.